Sunday, December 26, 2021

Rolling with it...

 December 26, 2021

So just like that, I got covid back in late September.  I got it from my gym as I wasn't wearing my mask then.  Many of my friends got it.  I gave it to Chris and he got pretty sick despite having the vaccine but Ian was okay.  Then when we got out of quarantine a week later, Ian got it from hockey while we were at a tournament.  That sucked for him.  He missed 14 days of school this year.  That sucked.  Despite the barriers for him, he pulled in all A's this year.

Work has been hard.  It's not an easy school year.  Kids having challenges, staff challenges, leaves me questioning many things.  I also haven't maximized my summers so I'm giving myself some time and reflect.  Every school year starts out challenging and then by the end, everything is wrapped out but I feel I am haggard and boggled down with things.  There's more of a ebb, ebb, ebb instead of a flow. We will see, but I'm not exactly where I want to be.  

So lots of explorations...

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Curated Closet Day 28,29,30…

 Reacclimating to the school year is some thing.  It’s been nonstop this week!  I know things will level out but the beginning of school year is something fast and furious.  Also building stamina again is a struggle.  I did like my days off in the middle of the week. Actually they were booked with meetings but this was terrific.

Upper left hand corner: Clothing wise I wore a Madewell shirt paired with some Good American Jeans and Birks.  Upper right hand corner is my vintage plaid from the upper peninsula. Bottom left corner is an outfit from Ann Taylor loft that I bought on clearance for five dollars. Bottom right hand corner is a top that I got at Goodwill in Hilton Head And jeans are gap from a thrift store in Holland, Mi.  Overall I love these outfits. I especially dig the plaid!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Curated Closet 25,26,27

 I started out my Friday with an Eileen Fisher jacket thrifted, a sheer top from Torrid new but got it gor $4, pants from Gene Meyer bought at Marshall Fields in 2004, snd a pair of patent converse.  Earrings Kendra Scott.

Saturday I went casual as I had lunch with a friend in Jackson.  I wore my free H&M shirt and my NYDJ plus my Costco birks.  We had game night at our friends.  

Sunday I just went casual with my old thrifted CMU shirt then dockers shorts, Kendra Scott earrings and Birks.  I just ran errands to Costco with Chris.  Nice low key weekend!!!!

Thursday, September 09, 2021

Curated Closet Day number 23 and 24

It just so happened yesterday was an amazing day. Not only was it Chris’s birthday but I had an unexpected day off. I’ll totally take it. I took the time to hit an estate sale then I hit the bins at goodwill in Grand Rapids.  I found these cuties!

Today I am 46. It wasn’t a bad birthday at all and it was super relaxed. We were with the team to get pictures for hockey. Yesterday was jam packed at the rink. I can foresee how winter will go!

Curated Closet Day 23: I wore an Ann Taylor loft shirt that I grabbed on clearance last year for five dollars. My jeans are a liverpool which I like better with this outfit.  The brooch is vintage from my sister. I was really comfortable on this outfit!

Curated Closet Day 24: The jeans are Silver And the top is a floral print that I picked up a Goodwill in Hilton Head.  I can honestly say that I really didn’t like the top so I will be releasing it back to the wild.  I just don’t think I meant to wear floral prints.  

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Curated Closet Day #22

 September 7, 2021

Curated Closet Day #22: Another freebie from the church sale.  I am wearing some Hudson Jeans, Allsaints top, Gap Sweater, patent leather converse, and slate earrings from Rocks Box.  I feel cute today and comfortable.  Best of all, you cannot beat free!  

Nothing too exciting went on today.  Work, dinner, cleaning the bathroom where Chris painted this past week.  It is finally coming together.  When it's where I like it to be, I'll post some pictures.  Tomorrow we are back in the rink so I should have meal planned tonight but you know what?  I did not.  I am probably going to regret this tomorrow as it's going to be a long ass night there.

Monday, September 06, 2021

Curated Closet Day #21

 September 6, 2021

Happy Labor Day! Curated Closet day #21:  I'm wearing my Limited top from 1995 and my too big Dockers shorts today.  My earrings are some vintage bakelite and shoes are converse.  I had an easy day of cleaning and running errands in town.  Ian joined me in on a picture lol!

We headed north to visit my sister in Mt. Pleasant this weekend so curated closet wise, it was all about comfort.  Nothing cute!  We went out on their boat and enjoyed the Saginaw River.  We pulled their boat into downtown Bay City and that was an absolute blast!  It was so quaint.  It's always a blast when we visit there.  WE got to check out their new house they bought which will be an Air Bnb and the work they have done in the last 3 weeks is amazing.  They have the home down to the studs already.  They will be reworking the floor plan to flow better.  They have been finding some cool treasures in the home already.  Ads from 1915, postcards, a beer can with the last owners name on it and when he placed it there, and a WW1 dead grenade.   They had to have the police out to be sure it wasn't live.  They will be placing a huge soaking tub and the kitchen will have some vaulted ceilings.  It's going to look so sharp! We headed home yesterday as Chris was wanting to finish the bathroom today as he is painting.

Thursday, September 02, 2021

Curated Closet Day 17

 September 2, 2021

Curated Closet 17: I am wearing my free outfit today!  Everything was free that I am wearing today.  My top is a DR2 shirt that I picked up from the church sale.  The pants are an Eddie Bauer Mercer fit khaki labeled from 2006, shoes are Mephisto sandals that were free from my principal who brought in clothes from a friend who had passed away this year.  The bracelet is a lucite seashell bracelet from my sister.  I've found similar on Etsy that have been going for about $150.  Earrings were free from my sister.  I love this fun outfit today!

I'm highly distracted today.  We found out that our house is going to need a whole chimney replacement.  Argh....that's a lot and my brain is completely fried.  Knowing that we have a Michigan winter coming is essentially making me sick. I'm trying to contain myself today

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Curated Closet Day 16

 September 1, 2021

Curated closet day 16: Today I am sporting my 50 cent HM shirt that I got from the church sale along with my Calvin Klein pants from 2009 that are wide leg.  These jeans fit my curves absolutely the way they should.  They are pure perfection at it's finest.  I remember picking them up at Nordstrom Rack back in the day.  Shoes are a Kork-Ease that I picked up for $15 last year at Nordstrom Rack.  Jewelry is Kendra Scott earrings from Rocks Box that I purchased as well as a Kate Spade necklace.  

General life: I feel terrific today despite my ridiculous morning from the kid.  Oh how the 5th grade hormones are hitting along with the testosterone.  He will probably be the death of me as this happened all of a sudden.  Hormones are....fabulous.  All I know is that I am going to have to dive in deep with parenting techniques as it's like "kid, that tone needs to be nicer".  He's crazy intelligent like his dad and blunt as all heck.  No filter has developed yet and this has only hit in the past 2 months.  Chris is like a deer in headlights and I'm the enforcer.  Fun times....

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Curated Closet Day:15

 Curated closet day 15:  Today I am wearing my free dress from the church sale that was new with tags from Ann Taylor. I love the green on me. My necklace is my favorite black teardrop as well as some Kendra Scott earrings. I wore my Chaco’s today to help me navigate the halls and walking today. I have to say that the dress is totally awesome. I can even wash it in the washing machine instead of dry cleaning it. The material has a linen type feel but it’s soft and comfy.  It’s a major hit!  

My biggest thing is that I need to cut down on my wardrobe slightly. I foresee within the next month needing to go through my items again and get stuff out. I have a clothing exchange that I will be attending in Grand Rapids mid month so I’m excited about that. I’m ready to get rid of things and place them in the right people’s arms.  My stuff needs to get worn but I’m not the one to do it LOL!

Monday, August 30, 2021

Curated Closet Day 14


August 30, 2021

Day 14!  Here is my week in review.  I will be getting rid of two pairs of jeans as they are like status and two tops.  The Madewell Vneck in the upper left-hand corner needs to find a new home as well as the lower left Ann Taylor loft shirt.  My Paige jeans....they don't fit my body type.  As much as I want to love them, they don't make me look my best as the Liverpool jeans as well.  The rest of the outfits = success and love.  I will more likely wear my Ann Taylor loft blue shirt more casually now too instead of work.

I'm going to continue to do this as I need to figure out me post losing the weight.  I am essentially maintaining at 193.  I am not too sure if I want to get much lower than 180ish so 13 more pounds and I am good.  I am comfortable and happy.  I am off my blood pressure medication.

Day 14 was my church sale was free.  Talbots 2018 that I wore with Chaco's as I was on the go then I paired it with my black drop necklace and Kendra Scott Earrings.  I felt super today.  School was quiet except for a few bumps but overall things went well today. Hello 2021-2022 school year.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Curated Closet Days 12&13

 August 29, 2021

Wow what a thrifting weekend.  I hit a church sale here in Kalamazoo at the local Catholic church and I was sooooo blessed to find some amazing finds.  I think I've hit two of the most amazing sales in the past two weeks.  One was an estate sale with the Gucci Belt and Prada shoes.  Then Friday was $1 clothing and nothing like finding high end clothing for a dollar.  I was also able to pick up some vintage lights which are now hanging in my house.  Below are some of my favorites from the sale.  I spent a total for $41 dollars for both days but my goodness what I got was mind blowing!  I had some great conversations with some clothes flippers so I think I might be ready to get back in the game.  We will see.  It looks like Posh Mark is the winner from everyone I chatted with.  Larger audience than Etsy.  We will see!

Saturday Curated Closet Day 12: I was sporting around casual as I was digging through the finds at the garage sale.  I spent 4 hours there talking to flippers gaining their knowledge.  I used to do this and loved it.  I feel it's time again.  I sported a t-shirt that noted "I survived Mt. Pleasant in the 1990s" (referencing my old college Central Michigan University....go fire up Chips), some NYDJ shorts, and my cream converse plus tortoise shell earrings that I got a few years back from Rocks Box.

This outfit was super comfy.  I can live in my converse except for hiking.  I initially hated the cream color but I love them now!  They essentially go with everything that my black converse shoes does not.

Sunday Curated Closet Day 13: I sported in my free Eddie Bauer NWT shorts and a Banana Republic tank.  I paired the outfit with my black Chaco's and my Kate Spade kitty earrings plus a tear drop necklace from Rocks Box.  

I had brunch with my BFF in Grand Rapids and we went out to the market and grabbed brunch.  I probably dressed a tad more casual but I figured we would be outside so I felt it was perfect.  We ate brunch on the patio so it did get a tad hot and I was glad I was sporting what I did.  

Eating has been very balanced.  Still at 193 so I'm feeling good about that. 

Friday, August 27, 2021

Curated Closet Day #11

 August 27, 2021

I was going to wear a skirt or a dress but I reminded myself that after work I will be hitting a local Catholic Church for a garage sale and waiting an hour in line without being uber comfy was going to be an issue.  So I switched gears and put on a Patagonia top that I got in 2009 then Gap Bermuda shorts that I got about the same time plus Chaco's.  I went funky of course with my necklace and wore a vintage piece.  I love the look and feel of it.  I'm glad I changed because I save the cute dress for Monday as the kids come back to school.

It's a leisure day today.  I need to get some teachers a scan code I created for behavior tracking so I am just going to eventually hit school.  I'll probably do some browsing on the way into work.  Haha!  Eating wise, I'm doing strong.  Weight is at 193 and holding.  Nothing lost, nothing gained.  It's not budging due to my relationship with cheese. I love cheese, I totally cannot help myself.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Curated Closet Day #10

 August 26, 2021

I have to say there is a psychology of wearing what you love.  It is also making things simpler when you don't love it, it goes in a pile to meet it's new owner.  Finding pieces that I love is fun and making sure that I love what I wear everyday is helping me a lot.  Today, I loved my fun dress.  It's a jumper style from Marella that I picked up for $2 at an estate sale.  I felt really good in the dress.  Earrings were a fun pair of Kate Spade Cat Earrings that I picked up last year.  One is a cat head and the other earring is a sparking ball.  I really adore this pair.  I wore my Chaco's and I was okay with the footwear.  It worked for me...but I need to strengthen my choices with shoes. 

Work is going great but darn, working a full day needs getting used to.  Gearing up for Monday....students come back for the 2021-2022 school year.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Curated closet day #9

August 25, 2021

Curated closet day #9:  Initially I was going to wear the polka dot.  Then I heard Anuschka Rees in my head noting wear the clothes you love.  I love polka dots but I don't love this shirt on me.  I like this shirt.  The white plain eyelet was calling my name when I was glancing at it downstairs so I put it on.  So much better.  I feel now completely on point for the the day.  The polka dot was leaving me feeling "meh".  The white eyelet makes me feel confident ready to tackle the day! Roar!!!!

The shirt is an XL Ann Taylor Loft Eyelet shirt which I purchased last year for $5.99 on a clearance sale.  The capri's are NYDJ size 16 and shoes are Dansko's which I purchased from Nordstrom Trunk Club.  Necklace is a Rocksbox cheapy I picked up from them and their subscription box.  

Eating wise I am solid!  I picked up some Eggwhite bites from Costco to mix up my eggwhites and spinach in the morning.  I am really digging those.  It gives me about 10 minutes more so I can tidy up before I go to work.  I am trying to create a routine as school starts next week and hockey starts the week after.  


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Curated Closet Day #8

 August 24, 2021

Admittedly I was feeling like a jeans and a t-shirt today.  I settled into some Paige Jeans that I picked up on Mercari for $10, Madewell t-shirt which was bought last year, and converse tennis shoes.  I felt okay today but more meh.  Not because of the clothes but the lack of movement and a full day.  Still assessing my pants.  I like them on the hanger but looking at the picture the outfit really doesn't do anything for my shape.  This would probably be a run the errands type of outfit.  Probably my least favorite out of the bunch.

They went over the teacher dress code today and another year with jeans.  Thank goodness!  I like the option of throwing in some jeans when you feel like it.  

I'm getting into the fall mode now.  I started decorating for Halloween a tad tonight
.  It felt terrific.  All my old favorites coming out to play.  Halloween is like my Christmas with fun cute decorations.  I figure decorate now as work gets nonstop survival mode once students come back until Thanksgiving.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Curated Closet 6&7


August 23, 2021

Curated Closet Days 6&7

Sunday: I just ran errands around town so I wore my comfy Ann Taylor Loft Shirt with a Kendra Scott Necklace and NYDJ shorts paired with my chaco's.  Overall I was comfy running around Kalamazoo in this outfit.  I hit my usual grocery joints for the week.

Monday: Professional development today at work.  All the teachers are back.  I wore a dark blue Philosphy shirt, a vintage necklace, bakelite bracelet, and bakelite earrings from my sister's donate collection to me. The jeans were a few bucks at Goodwill.  They are feeling a lot more lose than I expected.  I like them but not in love with them.  Shoes are always a disaster.  I think I would have liked some flats or something.  So yes on top, no on bottoms/shoes paired together.  I got a Shein dress for Halloween.  I love it.  This is my first purchase from there.  Love Love Love!!!  Their sizing is so far off though.

Eating wise, doing okay!  No complaints.  Hovering still at the same weight.  I did cook ahead lunches for Chris and I until Thursday so school should be okay with getting back into the groove.  I'm so not used to working so I am easing back into a school schedule.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Curated Closet 4&5

August 20 and 21, 2021

Had a great Friday and Saturday.  Went up to GR to spend the night with my best friend.  She took a management position at the hospital so she is getting acclimated there.  I'm super excited for her to be there.  Her house is amazing and it feels like her home already.  We had dinner out then some drinks at her place.   Saturday morning I took her to the Fulton Street Farmers Market. Then I had lunch with a friend in Lansing then date night with Chris as Ian had an overnight with a friend.  We checked out a Brewery and it was just okay.  I don't foresee us going back but the building was amazing.

Review: Red outfit Friday.  I love love love this top but it's going to have to go.  It's time.  It's a XXL.  I was toying with getting a tailor to bring it in but I'm not too sure.  I really love it.  I paired it with some shorts and converse.

Friday night dress, Modcloth cheapy.  I love this dress but it's a 1X so again it's not well fitted.  It needs a new owner so I will probably cosign it.

Saturday outfit: Saint James Nautical top.  It's new and I love it.  It's from an estate sale that the clothes were new.  I paired it with a NYDJ.  I loved the look and it was comfy.


Thursday, August 19, 2021

Curated Closet Day 3

 Curated Closet Day 3 

August 19, 2021

Lauren Conrad top I picked up at Goodwill last year, Kendra Scott Earrings, Vintage Necklace that my sister gave to me, shorts are NYDJ, and converse tennis shoes.  I know I need to fix the shoes on the outfit but my sandal situation grew bleak as I had to toss my two pairs of birks this summer (incident with geriatric old cat when we moved litter box...stupid me). If I was working with kids, I would probably pair this top with a blue pair of pants. I need a place to take pictures in the house.  That's Chris's home office as he will never return to in person.  The hospital found it more productive for IT to work from home.  He is knee deep in covid data and creating a system for the booster appointments.  Today will be casual with work.  Half day today again.  It sounds like tomorrow I am off.  I will be heading to run errands in GR, get my haircut, and spend the night with my BFF who just moved up there.  She is an manager at the hospital up there as she just secured the job in July.  She switched hospitals and moved from Kalamazoo as she wanted a scenery change.  It will be good to see her!

Curated Closet Day 2

August 18th outfit:

Old Mossimo jeans from Target circa 2007 wide leg, patent leather Converse, Halogen Cap Black Shirt from Nordstrom Rack $10, vintage necklace from an estate sale that I picked up in early 2000.  This is one of my favorite necklaces that I own. My review of outfit:  I love the pieces but again, do they work together?  I feel the flow with the pants don't really work.  The top needs to go maybe with the pants from yesterday?  I was just shuffling today in my office at school so nothing big going on today.  Admittedly, when I get home, I peel the clothing off.  

Non clothes wise: today was a sigh of relief.  Found out that our home just needs Stucco repair vs. a Chimney tear down.  $4K vs $20K is so much better.  I love our old home but damn, owning an old home can be a pain.  I still would never go back to me last new house.  Hated that neighborhood and the house had no soul.  


Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Curated Closet Day 1:

August 18, 2021

Part of "The Curated Closet" by Anuschka Rees is that she wants you to write down everything you wear for two weeks.  During the next two weeks, I will be documenting my outfits.  

Day 1: Tuesday August 17, 2021.  Just a half day at school.  I'm just hanging out and working on some plans today.  My contract is 196 days so I opted to start early so I can get out when school gets out in June.  I don't like hanging out post school as there's nothing to do.  

Okay, I loved this outfit until I saw the pants/shoes in the Goodwill mirror and then I was like....hmmm....I love the shirt which is Ann Taylor Loft bought for $5.99 last summer, paired with some Gap Jeans bought for $3.00 at a resale shop.  Earrings are Kendra Scott (my favorite) and necklace is a vintage goodie I picked up about 21 years ago.  Shoes are Converse.

So I love all the pieces but questioning if the should be put together at once.  The jeans don't hit me in the right spots with the top.

Wonderful Summer!

July 2020 at 235
August 18, 2021

Why hello there!  Here we are a year later.  I'm currently at 193.  Work got uber busy in April so I went into maintenance mode.  I looked at my nutritionist and noted "Suzy, I don't have the brainpower to lose right now.  I want to stay the same until August".  She worked with me.  I've been able to stay 193 the whole summer.  I went back to work on Monday so back to losing!  I'm amazed by the progress I have made in the past year.   I was always afraid of maintaining as I thought I would gain.  Now I know I learned how to eat better.  I am really happy where I am at!

It was a really lowkey summer.  We travelled about 5 weeks out of the summer.  Ian went to a 3 week Mandarin program at the local university for free as part of a NSA grant so I took that time to declutter the house.  I kicked ass from bottom to top as I know that it needed it badly.  Since moving here 4 years ago, this was the first time I did this.  I knew I had to do it as life gets busy in the fall with hockey as we are at the rink essentially MWF. 

Part of my cleaning program was to continue to work on my clothing and closet.  I have been reading "The Curated Closet" by Anuschka Rees.  I am trying adjust my closet and define my new style.  I am working on the workbook so that I can finetune my look as I'm adjusting to fitting back into my old sizes.


Friday, March 12, 2021


Well I hit 199 last week so woot woot to me!  I’m loving my new job that I switched back in January.  I’m finding my new tribe at work.  It’s nice to bounce around too and be amongst other social workers. Life is good!  241/198/160

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Hello January!

Hello January!  Chris joined me on my journey on 1/4.  He's doing great.  His A1C went up and they needed to change his meds.  They mentioned if he didn't make changes he would be starting insulin that was enough to motivate him to join me.  His fasting sugars went from 378 to 143 right now.  It's like come on 100.  

Chris got his COVID shot two weeks ago because he works in healthcare. It was funny prior to COVID they were not fans of having his department work from home.  Now things are going so well he will permanently work from home.  He will occasionally need to go in for meetings with the clinics but that will be rare.  I am awaiting my short patiently (haha) since I'm face to face at work.  We have kids 4 days a week and remote days on Wednesday's.  Luckily my district is low on COVID numbers.

I'm having fun with clothing again.  My best friend introduced me to Torrid....and oh my, the sales.  I gave a friend five bags of clothing last week.  I am having fun with sliding into old clothes too.  It's like, "ah, I missed you guys!!!".  

I hit 700 sessions at my gym last week.  It's great to be able to still work out live.  It gets challenging scheduling but I've been able to snag last minute spots most of the time.  They allow us to sign up for 3 days and the other days we need to snag a spot post 5pm.  My time is heavily sought after sooo, it's an nail biting adventure.  The trainers have been able to text me when I secure a spot.

Wonderland, I'm coming for you....I'm almost there!! 241/204.2/170