Thursday, September 09, 2021

Curated Closet Day number 23 and 24

It just so happened yesterday was an amazing day. Not only was it Chris’s birthday but I had an unexpected day off. I’ll totally take it. I took the time to hit an estate sale then I hit the bins at goodwill in Grand Rapids.  I found these cuties!

Today I am 46. It wasn’t a bad birthday at all and it was super relaxed. We were with the team to get pictures for hockey. Yesterday was jam packed at the rink. I can foresee how winter will go!

Curated Closet Day 23: I wore an Ann Taylor loft shirt that I grabbed on clearance last year for five dollars. My jeans are a liverpool which I like better with this outfit.  The brooch is vintage from my sister. I was really comfortable on this outfit!

Curated Closet Day 24: The jeans are Silver And the top is a floral print that I picked up a Goodwill in Hilton Head.  I can honestly say that I really didn’t like the top so I will be releasing it back to the wild.  I just don’t think I meant to wear floral prints.  

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