Monday, January 07, 2013

Switching up the breakfast...

I am switching up my breakfast today. Usually I blend up a smoothie in my vitamix but I am going to start switching it up a bit. Today I made an egg white omelet with mushrooms, spinach, garlic, and feta cheese. I love egg white omelets and what you can put in them is endless.  

I spent last week doing workouts at home. It was a nice break but I was happy to return to the gym this morning and it felt terrific. I was also surprised that the gym traffic was not too much more. There were some new faces but not too many. When I worked out at the Y, there were so many new faces in January but here not so much. It's a much cheaper gym so I guess I was expecting more turn out. New faces are always good! 

We signed the kid up for gymnastics. The kid is something. He will jump off the couch with no issues. He will yell "TWO" and boom, he is landing on us.  We thought maybe we need to channel this and have him learn some fun ways to bounce around and have a good time.  Plus it exposes him to sports :) which is awesome. We wanted to do a swim class with him but we are going to wait until spring to do that so that we are not overloading the little guy.  The one good thing about the classes is that they go in 8 week lengths so this will put us into March.  Now that is nice to hear...March = spring.  

Wednesday, January 02, 2013 name is Kellie...

Hi, my name is Kellie and it about time to blog again. I've lurked on a few sites lately and finding out that more and more people have lost their inspiration to blog. I know what that feels like. Life gets busy, you have a ton of stuff to do, lots of stuff going on, and blogging, well, it's not fun when you can't feel like you can be anonymous. So why bother....? Well, it's a great tool. It's kind of nice looking back to where I was, who I was at a specific time, and where I wanted to go as a person. In this case, I want to find who I am today.

I was not prepared for what life had in store for my during the past year. We moved from our dream home which was rough. In the long run, I knew it was the best for our family. The truth was, we lived in a charming home in Grand Rapids, which unfortunately had one of the worst school districts in Michigan. We had a house loan which we were upside down in because when the market crashed, our house was not valued at what it once was. We couldn't refinance because we were upside down in it. Chris's company gave us the most amazing relocation package ever and we simply could not say no. It was truly that good. His company was relocating all the individuals from Grand Rapids to one main office in Michigan and after finding out that he would have an unreasonable commute, we decided to go forth with a move. I had to find a new job. That was a trip that I don't want to re-live. It was a weird process and I was lucky to be offered a few jobs that I had to say no to but I found one that was a decent fit. We were able to find a new home that suited our style. We didn't want to go with a charming older home because I would compare it to my GR home. Our home sold to the first couple who saw it and they offered above listing price. Which is unheard of in our economy. We moved and said goodbye to our old we have this new life.

New house, new job, and really a new life. Our new life is different. Q...u..i...e....t... More family time. I have a 30 minute commute vs an hour. We have time at night and in the morning with our kid. We are not running as much and it feels different. My whole life I had this super fast pace, now it's slow. We are adjusting to the new community. Luckily, we have some close friends who live nearby but we will need to meet some more people so our support system would be a tad larger.

We are still trying to get orientated to the surroundings. During the past two years, I honestly can say is that I totally sucked with my fitness. After having the kid, I was able to go back to the gym but then I injured my foot because I felt that I could run again. Bad choice because it took me six months to get over that. Then the sleep deprivation of an infant. Not fact 8 months of seemingly bad sleep was no fun at all. Then I became shut down about all the changes in my life. I didn't want to move and lose what we had so I ate...ate...ate. Luckily, I am not larger than I am now but I am at the same weight as when I first entered Weight Watchers back in 2002.  Though, I have to say, I look better :)

I recommitted myself to Weight Watchers back at the end of October.  I also have been going to the gym since then which is the cheapest gym ever but also the nicest.  My weight loss is incredibly slow.  So slow that I was getting to the point of frustration that I was eating well, working out five days a week, and nothing.  But then I noticed that the pants are fitting better and finally I am losing.

Here I am...recommitting like I always do and hoping that things will change.  The thing I like about the new WW program is that it reminds me of classic cognitive behavioral therapy.  They are really attacking the emotional aspects of eating.  Trying to target where you are putting that bad foods in your mouth and focus on moving both emotionally and physically.

My goals for 2013...
1. Focus on the moment, not past or future, just look at the day.
2.  Gym 5x per week.
3.  Becoming more acclimated in our community.
4.  Being at peace with where I am currently.  Which is where I am supposed to be.

Happy 2013. It's great to be back.  Take care all-Kellie