Monday, October 11, 2010

Huge week this week :)

The pregnancy has been terrific so far minus the early spotting. Chris is totally in nesting mode fixing up the home for our new addition. I love being married to a handy man. Plus he actually completes the work, unlike some guys out there. Next room to prep is the nursery. We picked out an outdoor themed room. Our scan is later on in the week. We are opting out of finding out what we are having. We'll find out when the baby is born. In life, there's only a few surprises :)one of them is the gender of the child. Since it doesn't matter to us, we'll have the ultimate surprise when the baby is born.

We are busy again but it's a good busy. Lots of people to see and events happening in our life. This week also marks our 6th anniversary. It's been an awesome six years. We have a lot of fun together. One thing I appreciate is that we really did everything we wanted to do before having kids. We don't plan on stopping living either once baby comes. Pacing may be different but will we stop having fun? Nope!