Wednesday, August 09, 2017


The kid room
The kid room
There's been a long delay of moving into our new home.  We had to do a whole re-wire of the home because the former owner placed insulation on the knob and tube.  We contracted with Bradd who turned out to take our money after doing 50% of the job (we gave him two partial draws) and he took off for 3 weeks.  He kept on noting that "I'll be there tomorrow to work".  This went on for 3 weeks.  Completion date got moved 3 times so we ended up firing him.  While in the firing process, we found out that he was only a journey man who did not have liability insurance and he didn't pull a permit.  Our new electrician is on board but he is busy.  He's going to try to work on two rooms this week so we could move in and work around the mess of the rewiring.  We have been staying out at my in-laws home about 20 minutes from our new home.  Luckily they are in Seattle for a month.  I can't wait until we are in our new home though.  I'm tired of living out of a suitcase and the kid needs a routine prior to school.

The kid wanted a "red, white, and blue room" because he noted "I love my country".  I love how the blue turned out.  It's stunning.  It's a Sherwin William's Cashmir paint that matched Behr's Compass color.  In the room we are having some red and white curtains from Land of Nod along with curtain rods from Target that he picked out because "they have crystals on them".  What can I say, he has a great eye!

Our room is going to be a Copen Blue from Sherwin Williams.  We are going to have to refinish the floor as when we pulled the carpet, the floors were not finished in our room.  It just had some stain that was haphazardly placed on it.  We want it to shine and to show the beauty.  The curtains are going to be a french rod from Target.  Curtains are a Sullivan Khaki from JC Penny because those mini builds have to go!

I really like how everything is turning out.  We have the downstairs and kitchen repainted so I will add those pictures soon.  I love how my kitchen turned out!