Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Curated Closet Day 28,29,30…

 Reacclimating to the school year is some thing.  It’s been nonstop this week!  I know things will level out but the beginning of school year is something fast and furious.  Also building stamina again is a struggle.  I did like my days off in the middle of the week. Actually they were booked with meetings but this was terrific.

Upper left hand corner: Clothing wise I wore a Madewell shirt paired with some Good American Jeans and Birks.  Upper right hand corner is my vintage plaid from the upper peninsula. Bottom left corner is an outfit from Ann Taylor loft that I bought on clearance for five dollars. Bottom right hand corner is a top that I got at Goodwill in Hilton Head And jeans are gap from a thrift store in Holland, Mi.  Overall I love these outfits. I especially dig the plaid!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Curated Closet 25,26,27

 I started out my Friday with an Eileen Fisher jacket thrifted, a sheer top from Torrid new but got it gor $4, pants from Gene Meyer bought at Marshall Fields in 2004, snd a pair of patent converse.  Earrings Kendra Scott.

Saturday I went casual as I had lunch with a friend in Jackson.  I wore my free H&M shirt and my NYDJ plus my Costco birks.  We had game night at our friends.  

Sunday I just went casual with my old thrifted CMU shirt then dockers shorts, Kendra Scott earrings and Birks.  I just ran errands to Costco with Chris.  Nice low key weekend!!!!

Thursday, September 09, 2021

Curated Closet Day number 23 and 24

It just so happened yesterday was an amazing day. Not only was it Chris’s birthday but I had an unexpected day off. I’ll totally take it. I took the time to hit an estate sale then I hit the bins at goodwill in Grand Rapids.  I found these cuties!

Today I am 46. It wasn’t a bad birthday at all and it was super relaxed. We were with the team to get pictures for hockey. Yesterday was jam packed at the rink. I can foresee how winter will go!

Curated Closet Day 23: I wore an Ann Taylor loft shirt that I grabbed on clearance last year for five dollars. My jeans are a liverpool which I like better with this outfit.  The brooch is vintage from my sister. I was really comfortable on this outfit!

Curated Closet Day 24: The jeans are Silver And the top is a floral print that I picked up a Goodwill in Hilton Head.  I can honestly say that I really didn’t like the top so I will be releasing it back to the wild.  I just don’t think I meant to wear floral prints.  

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Curated Closet Day #22

 September 7, 2021

Curated Closet Day #22: Another freebie from the church sale.  I am wearing some Hudson Jeans, Allsaints top, Gap Sweater, patent leather converse, and slate earrings from Rocks Box.  I feel cute today and comfortable.  Best of all, you cannot beat free!  

Nothing too exciting went on today.  Work, dinner, cleaning the bathroom where Chris painted this past week.  It is finally coming together.  When it's where I like it to be, I'll post some pictures.  Tomorrow we are back in the rink so I should have meal planned tonight but you know what?  I did not.  I am probably going to regret this tomorrow as it's going to be a long ass night there.

Monday, September 06, 2021

Curated Closet Day #21

 September 6, 2021

Happy Labor Day! Curated Closet day #21:  I'm wearing my Limited top from 1995 and my too big Dockers shorts today.  My earrings are some vintage bakelite and shoes are converse.  I had an easy day of cleaning and running errands in town.  Ian joined me in on a picture lol!

We headed north to visit my sister in Mt. Pleasant this weekend so curated closet wise, it was all about comfort.  Nothing cute!  We went out on their boat and enjoyed the Saginaw River.  We pulled their boat into downtown Bay City and that was an absolute blast!  It was so quaint.  It's always a blast when we visit there.  WE got to check out their new house they bought which will be an Air Bnb and the work they have done in the last 3 weeks is amazing.  They have the home down to the studs already.  They will be reworking the floor plan to flow better.  They have been finding some cool treasures in the home already.  Ads from 1915, postcards, a beer can with the last owners name on it and when he placed it there, and a WW1 dead grenade.   They had to have the police out to be sure it wasn't live.  They will be placing a huge soaking tub and the kitchen will have some vaulted ceilings.  It's going to look so sharp! We headed home yesterday as Chris was wanting to finish the bathroom today as he is painting.

Thursday, September 02, 2021

Curated Closet Day 17

 September 2, 2021

Curated Closet 17: I am wearing my free outfit today!  Everything was free that I am wearing today.  My top is a DR2 shirt that I picked up from the church sale.  The pants are an Eddie Bauer Mercer fit khaki labeled from 2006, shoes are Mephisto sandals that were free from my principal who brought in clothes from a friend who had passed away this year.  The bracelet is a lucite seashell bracelet from my sister.  I've found similar on Etsy that have been going for about $150.  Earrings were free from my sister.  I love this fun outfit today!

I'm highly distracted today.  We found out that our house is going to need a whole chimney replacement.  Argh....that's a lot and my brain is completely fried.  Knowing that we have a Michigan winter coming is essentially making me sick. I'm trying to contain myself today

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Curated Closet Day 16

 September 1, 2021

Curated closet day 16: Today I am sporting my 50 cent HM shirt that I got from the church sale along with my Calvin Klein pants from 2009 that are wide leg.  These jeans fit my curves absolutely the way they should.  They are pure perfection at it's finest.  I remember picking them up at Nordstrom Rack back in the day.  Shoes are a Kork-Ease that I picked up for $15 last year at Nordstrom Rack.  Jewelry is Kendra Scott earrings from Rocks Box that I purchased as well as a Kate Spade necklace.  

General life: I feel terrific today despite my ridiculous morning from the kid.  Oh how the 5th grade hormones are hitting along with the testosterone.  He will probably be the death of me as this happened all of a sudden.  Hormones are....fabulous.  All I know is that I am going to have to dive in deep with parenting techniques as it's like "kid, that tone needs to be nicer".  He's crazy intelligent like his dad and blunt as all heck.  No filter has developed yet and this has only hit in the past 2 months.  Chris is like a deer in headlights and I'm the enforcer.  Fun times....