Friday, March 12, 2021


Well I hit 199 last week so woot woot to me!  I’m loving my new job that I switched back in January.  I’m finding my new tribe at work.  It’s nice to bounce around too and be amongst other social workers. Life is good!  241/198/160

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Hello January!

Hello January!  Chris joined me on my journey on 1/4.  He's doing great.  His A1C went up and they needed to change his meds.  They mentioned if he didn't make changes he would be starting insulin that was enough to motivate him to join me.  His fasting sugars went from 378 to 143 right now.  It's like come on 100.  

Chris got his COVID shot two weeks ago because he works in healthcare. It was funny prior to COVID they were not fans of having his department work from home.  Now things are going so well he will permanently work from home.  He will occasionally need to go in for meetings with the clinics but that will be rare.  I am awaiting my short patiently (haha) since I'm face to face at work.  We have kids 4 days a week and remote days on Wednesday's.  Luckily my district is low on COVID numbers.

I'm having fun with clothing again.  My best friend introduced me to Torrid....and oh my, the sales.  I gave a friend five bags of clothing last week.  I am having fun with sliding into old clothes too.  It's like, "ah, I missed you guys!!!".  

I hit 700 sessions at my gym last week.  It's great to be able to still work out live.  It gets challenging scheduling but I've been able to snag last minute spots most of the time.  They allow us to sign up for 3 days and the other days we need to snag a spot post 5pm.  My time is heavily sought after sooo, it's an nail biting adventure.  The trainers have been able to text me when I secure a spot.

Wonderland, I'm coming for you....I'm almost there!! 241/204.2/170


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Doing great!

November 11, 2020

Steadily losing about 1-2 pounds per week!  I've been non-stop since September in a fun way with my new job (I love it) and the kid's hockey program.  Currently, I am the smallest I have been in 3.5 years so I will take it.  Today, I am officially half way to my weightloss goal.  Despite covid, life is going good and the pandemic caused me to make some changes with my health and job.  I highly doubt if I would have changed if it wasn't for this occurring.  

I have been purging some items out of my closet and slowly wearing some old favorites.  I sold a basket of clothing to a local consignment store and made about $275.  Out with the old, in with the new!


Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Life is good!

September 9, 2020

Man, we got busy when we hit the Upper Peninsula of Michigan when we were going for over two weeks in August.  We had a blast and I fell in love with Marquette and other various places up there. It's a must go back!  

I settled into my new school district and I'm still navigating that environment.  Hybrid classes started yesterday and you know what? I was not sworn at by a kid for the first time in 6 school years...hahah.  I think I was in shock as I wasn't prepared for such a thing.  I might actually get to do proactive social work for the first time in so many years.  You have to pinch this doesn't seem real.  

I'm 45 today.  And 45 feels terrific.  I'm enjoying life.  For the first time in about 10+ years, I have the life that I want to have.  Everyone is healthy, happy, and we are having a blast despite covid.  I'm feeling blessed.  Great friends, loving family, and have my shit somewhat together.  I'll stay in this moment and enjoy time is ever fleeting.  241/219.6/170


Thursday, July 30, 2020

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

I'm having way too much fun in my closet...

I have to say, I'm having way too much fun in my closet.  I'm a bargain hunter so when I find a great sale online, I pick it up.  Well here are some goodies I picked up last year.  I'm having way too much fun with it.  
Today was an emotional one, I packed my office, shredded old charts, and got some ready for storage.  I cried three times.  I need to go.  I am truly done and have nothing to offer them.  They need someone younger, fresher, eager, and less jaded as I was afraid to attach.  The funny thing is that I found my replacement.  It sounds like she will be a great match and her former students love her.  She just has to move to Kalamazoo because she is getting married.  I wish her all the luck!  Losing 30-50% of staff and students every year does a toll on you.  Where I am heading is a small town that takes pride so I am excited to be there, if we can just get past COVID.  Argh...

We are heading up north for two weeks to the upper peninsula.  Chris decided that he needed a vacation so we are doing a spur of the moment trip.  I initially freaked out about it with all of the changes but I'm going to roll with this one.  I'm excited and we will be off the grid for a bit.  Hiking, biking, kayaking, etc.  He deserves this vacation!  240/225/170

Week 6 and 7 progress pictures...

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Week 5 progress pictures

June 16, 2020

Wow, the last 1.5 weeks have gone by quickly.  I resigned from my job yesterday and I will be moving into a different district.  I'm jumping so that I can work with my old friends and have more staff stability.  At my school we lose between 30-60% of staff every year.  Last fall I had 5 out of my 7 special education providers quit from September - December.  I have a truly wonderful boss, great special education supervisor, and a few close coworkers but it's time for me to move.  I found myself losing some zest and my lead role was more emphasizing macro social work vs micro.  I'm not into putting presentations together.  I enjoy the mechanics of coaching.  Also turning 45 soon, I am needing to think about how the next 20 years will go.  We all know that 20 years go quickly.  For example, look at this blog.  It's origins began in 1999.  Time flies quickly...I was 23 when I started to write, I'm 44 now.  I need to think about retirement and choices.  Time truly evaporates, even during COVID.  My undergrad college has a new FB page about memories and they asked to do side by sides.  22 vs 44 is pretty awesome.  I like where I am at, I like where I am heading.  It may be scary but it will be alright.

The nutritionist has help me through stress eating.  I've been dropping weight nicely and they are helping me through this time of transition.  I am not one to deal well with change.  Wired in anxiety, I'm always headed towards cognitive distortions.  Sometimes that gets exhausting but I'm not turning to food.