Saturday, September 19, 2009

Getting back on track...

I've always been a future orientated thinker but since my dad's dx of cancer, it's made me more focused on my present. I used to think/worry about tomorrow but now I'm just focusing on today. It also made me focus more on what I can control, which is nothing but by reactions to situations and being the most effective person that I can be. Lately, I've been pretty effective :) I've been getting back on track and I've needed to.

Weight wise, I'm staying put but not losing. I need to get back to tracking because it's just not budging. I know what I need to do. I let my emotions get me off track because of stressful situations so here I am again. The workouts continue to be strong though. We met up with Ryan our trainer last week for a tuneup and he made some helpful suggestions so that adds to the support. I'm planning on going back to weight watchers this morning after a 3 month hiatus...yeah, that is not good.

One goal I've had this is year was to meet more people. Chris and I have been extremely active socially lately which is good. Though, it doesn't always balance in with the healthy eating. We've met a few new friends and so far, it looks promising. We have a few couples that share similar interests and tastes and they appear to okay. It's hard to meet people when you are in your 30s with zero children and that don't have "issues" or an "agenda". One thing is that a couple of them are challenging our comfort zones, which is always good. We went out to a club with one couple and it was like at first "oh God, I'm too old for this" but at the end of the night it was like "wow, that's awesome". We'll see how it goes but it's nice to get out of the house and socialize with others.

My dad is doing well. The scary thing about parents is watching them go through health stuff. That just sucks but I believe that my dad will be healed. He's in awesome spirits. Now, I'm just worried about my mom and how she is handling the stress.

So my life is keeping me's good to be back.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Getting back to our normal...

Things are finally settling down. I've been meaning to post our vacation pictures for a while but it just took forever to organize them. Overall, it was the best trip yet. I loved outwest and I can see why people are attracted to live out there. Eastern Colorado and the Mt. Zion National areas were two of my favorites. So enjoy the pictures.