Monday, December 20, 2010

29 weeks :)

Howdy...the pregnancy is just cruising right a long. I still feel great, energy is there, and we are looking forward to meeting Baby H. Chris finished up the house a few weeks back and it looks terrific! It's wonderful to have such a creative husband. I really appreciate it. He's been a huge help.

Things are great here. We are cruising right a long now. I'm taking a week off of work to relax. Initially, I was going to just work until Thursday but last week I was like "why should I?" so I took the week off. This is the week I always take off to get prepared for the holidays so I decided to take the much needed break. After January, time will probably fly by and March will be before I know it. I plan on taking the full 12 weeks off of work so if baby comes on time, I will be out of work until June. We still have to line up daycare. I figure in January we will start looking. There's 3 places that I really want to look into. Two centers and 1 home (recommended by friends).

Eating wise, well doing good here. I'm taking my gluclose test tomorrow to see if I have the GD so we'll see how that goes. Hopefully, I will pass. I gained a lot of weight initially because I was told to eat an extra 350 a day but when my weight shot up quickly, I went to see a nutrionist and I was to back down the calories to 1500 because I was overweight to begin with. When the baby comes, Chris and I will be on weight watchers again. Looking forward to that. I hear the new program is doing well. The gym is going to look a little different but it will happen. I miss my workouts but that's okay, they will come soon :)