Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I have to stop asking the universe certain things...

It's been one heck of a month.  Things were flowing since getting my new school job.  I was dropping the pounds naturally, working out 5x per week, and had a great steady pace.  That was until the middle of last month.  I got a virus...one of those horrible upper respiratory viruses that just stuck.  Then two weeks later, I got a flu shot.  Not exactly the smartest thing to do is to get a flu shot while your immune system is struggling. Then week three of sickness hits.  I'm not getting any better, in fact, I'm getting worse.  No energy, horrible cough for three weeks so I hit urgent care...20 minutes before close on Halloween.  Not a good idea either...dx was upper respiratory and I was prescribed cough medicine.  Then I do something extremely stupid, which was taking kid out in rain for Halloween where I get totally soaked.  Two days later, I'm back in urgent care...dx bronchitis and placed on antibiotics, inhaler, and jacked up cough medicine that made me manic.  That week is horrible...I'm barely functioning.  I somehow manage to make it 75% of the week at work.  Mind you, that I'm rarely sick, I haven't used a sick day since 2001.  I get worse but I push through because I have some school meetings and some IEPs, I need to be there.  Then, Chris goes out to training to Chicago for work and luckily my parents come down to help.  I continue to struggle so I go to urgent care once again because I'm in horrible pain from my rib where I was coughing too much.  DX, rib contusion...next night, I wake up with a pounding heart where it was jumping out of my chest.  Blood pressure is 177/110.  I can't calm down, I'm radiating pain in my chest in a different area.  I try to focus for an hour and continue to struggle.  I start goggling...I know, it's not necessarily good to do that at all but I do.  My symptoms match blood clot but I'm still convinced it was a super bad panic attack but then I figure WTH, just go in to the ER.   I have insurance, I just need to go. I left the house while my parents and kid were sleeping, I didn't tell them where I was going. I go in to the ER, get seen fairly quickly.  Give the symptoms plus explain that I have major hx anxiety.  Doctor listens so he has me do some xrays.  Everything looks good but vitals are still horrible.  Then he has me in for a cat scan.  They hit me with some morphine and fluids.  Morphine is totally whacked...never felt that feeling before.  I have no clue why someone would want to get high off it because that feeling is not fun when it hits your body.  I wait, wait, wait.  Three hours after the cat scan, doctor comes in.  I have a small pulmonary embolism in my right lung.  Shit, there was something wrong with me.  I call Chris for him to come home, left a message for my parents, texted my principal and sister.  My parents thought that I was at school until my sister got a hold of them.   I was admitted to the medical floor after having a heparin drip.  First doctor scares the crap out of me, I was told that I'm needing to take a blood thinner for 6 months and that I will not be able to be active at all.  All I can do is go to work and that's it.  Okay...scared...I'm non stop.  Then I'm in there for 1.5 days.  Discharge doctor clarifies that it's a small blood clot and she's not too sure how it got there because I had a clean ultrasound for my legs, no DVT.  She notes that I can go back to exercising and not too worry about limiting activity, which is much better.  I get linked up with a doctor down here as my old doctor retired in Grand Rapids.  He reports just like the second doctor that I'm okay to exercise.  He cannot explain the PE but reports that I should be off the meds in 3 months.  Then we discussed my weight and he was cool about it but we are going to get it down.  I'm going in for testing for anemia and tests to see if I have the genetics that may effect clotting issues plus he hooked me up with a mammogram...happy 40th birthday to me.  So what a month, super scary but I'm happy that I am okay.  I'll be off the meds hopefully soon but whosh...I don't ever want to go through that again.  I asked the universe a few months back for a wake up call for my hx, I guess I got it.

Things are still going amazing at work.  I love my job.  School social work is the best.  We work hard and put 12 months of work into 10 but it's the most rewarding job ever.  I'm blessed.  Kid and I had a wonderful summer.  It was simply amazing between spending the summer at the beach, air zoo, nature center, and library.

The kid is going to school next year...I can't believe it.  Looking around at the local school, they are cramming in 26-30 kids in a classroom with no para-support.  It's supposed to be the best school in there area, but heck, I'm not drinking that Koo laid.  Hum....no thanks, 26-30 is INSANE for a kindergarten classroom.  After some looking, we found a private STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) that we plan on sending him to.   They get gym 4x per week, Spanish 4x per week, and Art 2x/Music2x.  Plus they have robotics, which is a major plus.   Chris is really passionate about the school especially since he has found his new passion at work with programing and he would like to give the kid every opportunity for exposure that he can get.  Chris got this massive promotion last spring to be in analytics at his company and he has been programming/automating across the whole company enterprise, so needless to say, he found his passion.  Since we set this goal a few months back, we have been aggressively saving money each week so the kid can attend there.   I was wondering last week how we were not going to have to dip into savings/keep the same savings schedule going but again....the universe answered my question by giving me a heck of a long on call shift so Christmas is on my old job :)  I so have to stop asking the universe things because I might not want to go through the situation.

Here's to health...and off of meds in 2.5 months.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Things are settling in....

Wow, my new life is amazing.  It feels so good to say this.  The new job is terrific.  Couldn't be happier.  I am fortunate to have some awesome team members and some great kids that I get to work with.  Life is good!  It's been a long time since I have been truly able to utter those words.

I went from a very sedentary job to an active job.  To walk from one end of the building to the other side is about .25 round trip so I'm ranking in the miles.  I started back on the gym Saturday so I'm finding my groove again.

In slimming down the life style, I did cancel WW.  I'm going to try spark people to log my calories.  I can't justify $42.95 any more because I haven't been going to the meetings.  So we will see where it goes.  WW will always be there.  It's not the only tool out there.  Plus, carving out an hour on the weekend in the afternoon has been tough.  I just want to hang with Chris and the kid.  

So here's to a good flow again.  I have hope!