Saturday, July 08, 2017

Things are moving along...

Well, we are set to close on our old home this Friday and we are set to close on our new home on the 18th of July.  We decided to place our home back on the market and go after a home in the neighborhood that I have been stalking for 4 years.   I just gave up on living there because it was impossible to find a 1920/1930s home because we limited our search to 3 streets.  I found out that someone was selling and we were able to link with the man.  We are doing a FSBO with him and we went with our agent to sell our home.  Our home sold within 5 days at the price we were wanting.  So out with the old, in with the...well old but new to us!

I'm really excited about the house.  It was built by a doctor in the 1920's.  The neighborhood is filled with some beautiful gems.  Plus the kid will be able to take advantage of the Kalamazoo Promise where 95% of his tuition will be paid for at a Michigan college because he is starting there in 1st grade.  No college debt for him.  The other positive thing is that Chris can take any job once his company leaves Kalamazoo as we are not doing another move with them.

Front of the home
Kitchen where my retro table will go in

Formal living room

Double ovens and wine (beer fridge!) 

Farm house sink


Oh and Fit Body Bootcamp is amazing!  I'm still going strong and almost 30lbs down :) Woot Woot!  Here's a current pic of me vs. when I was 17 that I came across while moving.