Sunday, February 03, 2008

I think I'm obessed with my...

I, Kellie, am obessed with my crockpot. Oh, crockpot how I adore thee. For the past 3 weeks, I have done at least 3 meals a week in the crock...and the crock is kicking out some superior meals. Some favorites I've done is a flank steak/taco rub mixe with salsa verde, white chicken chili, chicken casserole, and my absolutely to die for chicken curry. Oh, it was lick the plate yummy. My passion lately has been cooking meals. I've always enjoyed cooking to tell you the truth. My first cooking attempts came at the ripe age of 5 and since then I've always loved to cook. I hate baking but cooking is something that I look forward to do. With using the crockpot, I'm able to come home at night and not worry about scrambling to get dinner done. I checked a few books out at the library to help me with some ideas because I have a lot of recipes but I like diversity. My cooking is pretty diverse in nature. I love cooking more meals like meditterean, indian, thai, chinese, brittsh, etc. I'm not a meat n' taters type of gal. My philosphy on cooking is that I want to feel like I'm eating out the majority of time. Cooking a diverse menu helps with that and it helps saves money in the long run because we don't eat out as much as I would be inclined to do. I'm the type of person that would rather have a nice meal out than a new top or outfit. So in order to combat this urge, I cook well.

I hit WW again this past week and I'm down another .8! I'm so happy aboout this. I'm feeling good and the one think about WW is that it's always slow and steady for me. In my hx of weightloss, I don't think I truly ever had a "BIG" week. It's usually a pound and under. I feel great about it because I know my behaviors are back on track. Where I was getting stuck in the past few years was with the lack of tracking points. It's amazing how many points you can shove into your mouth without even know....thank God for E-tools, it is keeping me very mindful about the choices I am making.

I've been in a reading mode lately. My latest read is: Final Exits, the illustrated encloypedia on how we die. It's a quarky book and a must read for those who like odd facts. For instance, I never knew that Presiden Zachary Taylor died from aresinic poisioning. At a fourth of July celebration near the Washington monument, they invited people to cook for the president and 3 days later he passed away. another fun fact, about 2300 people die from pushing too hard in the bathroom. So be sure to get your fiber don't want to die from that :) Have a terrific day all-Kellie