Thursday, April 14, 2011

Could not help myself...had to post another pic of the little one (LO). He is so freaking adorable that it's not even funny and wow, already, his personality is showing through. It's nice being a mom. I had to laugh some because we found out that 3 friends are expecting right now. Before LO, I would have gone and thought "yikes" but now I'm like "wow, how exciting" and I actually mean it.

We are taking him into visit his daycare next week so I'm excited for that. They have 2 other babies starting so it's an exciting time for the place. He'll be in the infant room with 9 other kids. It's a great place and we like their approach with kids. What really shocked us when we went there to visit that the kids were using sign language at nine months. If the kid needs to be in daycare, it feels good that he will be learning something. Plus, if we really like the program, he can be slotted to go to school there when it is time.

I started walking this week at the gym and it feels terrific. I take LO and his pimped out stroller to the gym after I feed him. Isn't it cute? You know you have to maximize those feeding times! I have my six week check up next week so I'm hoping then to get the green light to resume activities. It's been since August that I have not been able to work out due to the pregnancy and that was hard. He's worth it though. I did gain a lot during the pregnacy for an overweight person. They wanted me to gain about 25-30 due to being overweight but despite my good intentions and eating well, I put on about 40. The notion of eating 300 extra calories a day for a pregnancy is not exactly true for overweight women. When I saw the dietician in the fall, she noted that I was overeating on healthy food (greek yogurt, fruit, lean protein, etc.) because I was eating about 1800 calories a day. I should have been eating 1500 calories. I guess I will know next time.

Chris and I joined Weight Watchers again. They changed the program with the points so everything that I used to know is well...not the same. This time around it's free. My hx insurance is paying for it. We just need to attend 11 out of 13 meetings. That is saving us a ton of money :) I'm not too sure how I did this week. Our first weigh in is tonight so wish us luck! I know the program works because it worked for me before it's just the committment needs to be there and I'm 85% committed right now...too much socializing lately. Which is always our downfall. There's got to be a balance. We'll find it.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Had an amazing delivery! It was a total piece of cake and I did it without any drugs. Chris was an amazing coach :) So here is our little boy. We are a lucky set of parents because this boy is amazing. I would totally do it over again. We are settling into parenthood and getting to know our little guy. We are so in love with him.