Sunday, May 14, 2017

And just another link to add to the chain...'s been a rough 9 days.  We were this close getting into our dream house.  Sellers accepted our bid, we had people bidding on our house, and then I get a text from Chris which noted "Call me ASAP".  This has never happened before.  I called him to find out that his office is closing in two years.  F*** me.

Yup.  They are pulling everyone into the hubs.  They can either ride it out, get a sweet ass severance package, or relocate to one of the hubs in Phoenix, Atlanta, or Dallas.  Another F*** me. 

Chris's team is going to Dallas or actually Richardson, Texas.  We could do another relocation with the company but the thought of living in Texas does nothing for us. more words to express my disgust right now.  This is the second time in our life that this is happening.  Except that before, I lived in my dream home and had my dream job.  Now, I have my 2nd dream job and my second dream house is *POOF* plus we have a six year old who we already are pulling from one to go to another...then a cross country move...I don't think I can do it or want to do it. 

Now Chris has to figure out...does he find a new job, do we ride the wave to the end and get a years pay plus cashing out his vacation time, and do we move.


Despite the stress, the workouts and weight is doing great.  I'm down 22 pounds since March 20th.  I'll keep plugging.  The most recent picture is on the left...