Thursday, July 30, 2020

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

I'm having way too much fun in my closet...

I have to say, I'm having way too much fun in my closet.  I'm a bargain hunter so when I find a great sale online, I pick it up.  Well here are some goodies I picked up last year.  I'm having way too much fun with it.  
Today was an emotional one, I packed my office, shredded old charts, and got some ready for storage.  I cried three times.  I need to go.  I am truly done and have nothing to offer them.  They need someone younger, fresher, eager, and less jaded as I was afraid to attach.  The funny thing is that I found my replacement.  It sounds like she will be a great match and her former students love her.  She just has to move to Kalamazoo because she is getting married.  I wish her all the luck!  Losing 30-50% of staff and students every year does a toll on you.  Where I am heading is a small town that takes pride so I am excited to be there, if we can just get past COVID.  Argh...

We are heading up north for two weeks to the upper peninsula.  Chris decided that he needed a vacation so we are doing a spur of the moment trip.  I initially freaked out about it with all of the changes but I'm going to roll with this one.  I'm excited and we will be off the grid for a bit.  Hiking, biking, kayaking, etc.  He deserves this vacation!  240/225/170

Week 6 and 7 progress pictures...

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Week 5 progress pictures

June 16, 2020

Wow, the last 1.5 weeks have gone by quickly.  I resigned from my job yesterday and I will be moving into a different district.  I'm jumping so that I can work with my old friends and have more staff stability.  At my school we lose between 30-60% of staff every year.  Last fall I had 5 out of my 7 special education providers quit from September - December.  I have a truly wonderful boss, great special education supervisor, and a few close coworkers but it's time for me to move.  I found myself losing some zest and my lead role was more emphasizing macro social work vs micro.  I'm not into putting presentations together.  I enjoy the mechanics of coaching.  Also turning 45 soon, I am needing to think about how the next 20 years will go.  We all know that 20 years go quickly.  For example, look at this blog.  It's origins began in 1999.  Time flies quickly...I was 23 when I started to write, I'm 44 now.  I need to think about retirement and choices.  Time truly evaporates, even during COVID.  My undergrad college has a new FB page about memories and they asked to do side by sides.  22 vs 44 is pretty awesome.  I like where I am at, I like where I am heading.  It may be scary but it will be alright.

The nutritionist has help me through stress eating.  I've been dropping weight nicely and they are helping me through this time of transition.  I am not one to deal well with change.  Wired in anxiety, I'm always headed towards cognitive distortions.  Sometimes that gets exhausting but I'm not turning to food.  


Friday, July 03, 2020


July 3, 2020
Went to see my folks the other day and nabbed this picture.  Today marks their 50th wedding anniversary!  So congrats to my mom and dad.  I am said that we cannot give them the party that they deserve but we will be all together tonight when we go up there to Clare to see them.  Their town has fireworks but we will watch it from the comfort of their house as I say no thanks to being around a mass of people.  I want to not get COVID.

The interview went today.  We will see how it goes.  I am not too sure how well I did except that I did the best I could.  I haven't interviewed for six years so it was a tad nerve wrecking but I feel I did okay.  There are not too many resumes like mine floating around.  

I'm at the smallest I have been today in over a year.  Lets keep this down trend moving!  I plan on packing my food so I can eat there.  Hopefully it won't be a challenge. 241/227.6/170

Progress Pictures!

July 2, 2020
Progress pictures!  So far so good.  Things are trucking away with the weightloss plan !  I was actually able to buckle the pants yesterday.  I know that things are working!!! Woot Woot 241/228.4/170