Sunday, January 17, 2021

Hello January!

Hello January!  Chris joined me on my journey on 1/4.  He's doing great.  His A1C went up and they needed to change his meds.  They mentioned if he didn't make changes he would be starting insulin that was enough to motivate him to join me.  His fasting sugars went from 378 to 143 right now.  It's like come on 100.  

Chris got his COVID shot two weeks ago because he works in healthcare. It was funny prior to COVID they were not fans of having his department work from home.  Now things are going so well he will permanently work from home.  He will occasionally need to go in for meetings with the clinics but that will be rare.  I am awaiting my short patiently (haha) since I'm face to face at work.  We have kids 4 days a week and remote days on Wednesday's.  Luckily my district is low on COVID numbers.

I'm having fun with clothing again.  My best friend introduced me to Torrid....and oh my, the sales.  I gave a friend five bags of clothing last week.  I am having fun with sliding into old clothes too.  It's like, "ah, I missed you guys!!!".  

I hit 700 sessions at my gym last week.  It's great to be able to still work out live.  It gets challenging scheduling but I've been able to snag last minute spots most of the time.  They allow us to sign up for 3 days and the other days we need to snag a spot post 5pm.  My time is heavily sought after sooo, it's an nail biting adventure.  The trainers have been able to text me when I secure a spot.

Wonderland, I'm coming for you....I'm almost there!! 241/204.2/170