Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's a hot one today...

Working out this morning, Chris and I wonder how in the heck do people run in this type of weather? There would be no way that I could or would do that. It's a hot 93 degrees today with some humidity going on. This type of weather reminds me when I lived in KY. I found that weather to be awful down there. It was like I couldn't even go outside in the summer when I lived there. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

I'm still doing some slopping eating. This accountability thing has got to get back on track because I've been sloppy. Last weekend was probably the worst eating I've done in a long time...I was throwing back a few drinks at a wedding we went to so it was like, "Geez, Kellie!". That's not like me either but I got hooked on Vernors and Captain Morgans. Vernors is a Michigan ginger ale that is an acquired taste but it is so good so I had about 3. Yeah, not a good choice there. I totally didn't care what I was doing in that moment. I had that "it's free booze so let's celebrate!" mode going on. I'm shaking my head at myself right now (I'm feeling like I'm confessing all my sins). I did manage to have some self control but I've got to get back into the groove. On a positive note, my clothes are fitting terrific on me. All my hard work at the gym is paying off and I'm still wearing clothes that I would not wear normally at this weight. I've got the gym under control, now I just need to stop the snacking. It's stalling me...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trying to figure things out..

Ever go through a phase in life trying to figure things out? That's me right now. I'm seriously looking at what needs to change for the better. I got out of Weight Watchers last week after hearing about two members that started in January lost 30 pounds...I want that. I need to figure out why it's not there for me yet. What's my hang up? It seems like I'm always stuck between the committed and relapse phase. It's not that I relapse when it comes to exercise but not writing down what I eat is a major issue. I need to do that better. It's like I have a strong couple of days then bam, I get busy and fail to log things. I know what I am doing and I need to keep my goal in perspective, even when it feels so far away.

The other phase is people in my life. I just don't get people anymore. Maybe I never got them. Why are people so strange, not up front, or just simply not truthful? I have no place in my life for gossipers, liars, etc. Are there any good friends out there anymore? I'm so not blessed in this area. I'm okay with that but it truly sucks when a friend screws you over. Humm, that sucks. Do I have a bad friend magnet or what?

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I've been coming this close to...

I've been coming this close to buying an iphone for myself. I love Chris's iphone and all the applications. Apple is offering the 8G Iphone for $79 refurbished. The only thing that has been keeping me from buying it is the data plan cost. Chris gets a discount from work for the phones but paying the additional money out a month is still keeping me from purchasing it. I love the WW mobile site and it's super convient. I've gone back to tracking my food carefully this week so hopefully I will see that scale move. Paper tracking hasn't been too good for me lately so I've gone back to tracking online again. I guess what ever works but I just need to track!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Nice weekend...

It's the summer time and we are getting busy! Between weekends at the boat on Lake Michigan and visiting with friends and family, we are running. It's a nice running though. I love the summer! Life is good. We're busy every weekend this month. We have a wedding, fathers day celebration, and a mini camping trip. You can't beat that.

Excercise is going good but I have to firm up on the nurtrion. I'll keep plugging away. I'm wearing clothes that I couldn't fit into 3 years ago, which is amazing. Everything is paying off!