Monday, September 06, 2021

Curated Closet Day #21

 September 6, 2021

Happy Labor Day! Curated Closet day #21:  I'm wearing my Limited top from 1995 and my too big Dockers shorts today.  My earrings are some vintage bakelite and shoes are converse.  I had an easy day of cleaning and running errands in town.  Ian joined me in on a picture lol!

We headed north to visit my sister in Mt. Pleasant this weekend so curated closet wise, it was all about comfort.  Nothing cute!  We went out on their boat and enjoyed the Saginaw River.  We pulled their boat into downtown Bay City and that was an absolute blast!  It was so quaint.  It's always a blast when we visit there.  WE got to check out their new house they bought which will be an Air Bnb and the work they have done in the last 3 weeks is amazing.  They have the home down to the studs already.  They will be reworking the floor plan to flow better.  They have been finding some cool treasures in the home already.  Ads from 1915, postcards, a beer can with the last owners name on it and when he placed it there, and a WW1 dead grenade.   They had to have the police out to be sure it wasn't live.  They will be placing a huge soaking tub and the kitchen will have some vaulted ceilings.  It's going to look so sharp! We headed home yesterday as Chris was wanting to finish the bathroom today as he is painting.

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