Thursday, September 04, 2014

My little guy is 3.5 years old :)

My little man is 3.5 years old :) He is so smart and spunky it blows my mind some times (and tries my patience at times).  He is so tall and looks older that it's hard to believe he is only 3.5...which can be a blessing but a curse as well because when people interact with him, they think he's older.  We had a great labor day weekend.  We were supposed to hit Warren Dunes State park over the labor day weekend but weather was iffy so we decided to hotel it and hit Chicago.  It was a must needed trip as I was totally crispy fried from a horrible oncall night so we needed a guaranteed good weekend.  Besides the hotel being arg (we will never stay at the Palmer House again...ever) it was amazing.  We took the kid to the Lincoln Park zoo and let him climb all over the childrens area.  We also hit up the children's museum on Navy Pier which was totally utopia for children.  They have this cool ship where the kids can climb from one floor to the next.  The kid was in heaven.  So needless to say, fun times were had by all in our family.

I'm battling some burnout from work....I'm tired.  I've been stretched thin for the past month since we are so bare bones.  Luckily, it went back to normal this week but I've essentially been in hiding at my office and nose to the grind stone until I get caught up.  I've had to cover 3 other co-workers jobs so it's been tiring.  I'm grateful that I'm getting this break but I know the surge will be coming soon again.  We have two days next week off for a get away so hopefully it will be restful and not stressful that I took a few days off.  Our vacation time this past summer was off because Chris had trial.  I can honestly feel that I'm due for a decent break.  Self care and time off can be hard in my life of work...I'm trying...and I'm looking forward for some days to regroup.

I'm in love with both of these dresses.  I really am.  I've been really good about not buying anything from GB but I was so tempted to buy both of them.  It was hard to send it back.  But I did and I'm sure I will get another cute one in it's place :)  The one thing I love is getting out of my comfort zone and trying something new.