Thursday, September 02, 2021

Curated Closet Day 17

 September 2, 2021

Curated Closet 17: I am wearing my free outfit today!  Everything was free that I am wearing today.  My top is a DR2 shirt that I picked up from the church sale.  The pants are an Eddie Bauer Mercer fit khaki labeled from 2006, shoes are Mephisto sandals that were free from my principal who brought in clothes from a friend who had passed away this year.  The bracelet is a lucite seashell bracelet from my sister.  I've found similar on Etsy that have been going for about $150.  Earrings were free from my sister.  I love this fun outfit today!

I'm highly distracted today.  We found out that our house is going to need a whole chimney replacement.  Argh....that's a lot and my brain is completely fried.  Knowing that we have a Michigan winter coming is essentially making me sick. I'm trying to contain myself today

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