Saturday, January 16, 2010

I think I have it right now...

It is funny that losing weight is more mental game for me than anything. It's like all of a sudden things that I learned during the last year has finally clicked for me. I am having my "ah ah" moment which is amazing. It's all coming together. I can put together a full body workout, I can run, I can set my day up for success by packing a breakfast and a lunch, and I can say "no" and not be tempted to go off course because I know my goal now. It's clear and simple. I am going to lose the weight, I am going to run 5 miles but starting out slow and increasing my mileage. This week I did something that I have never done before, I ran two miles straight without stopping. By no means was I fast but my goodness, the feeling of utter success after running 14 laps is AMAZING! The funny thing that I do at the end of my lap is I put my hands in the air and do a little shout of "woo hooo" at the end, like I am running through a finish line and that is funny probably to watch but it so completes how I feel at the moment. It's working and I'm loving every minute of it. I'm also a lot happier in life right now. It's just a great spot in my life and I'm not taking anything for granted. Life is good!

Monday, January 04, 2010


Okay, we are loving this new year. Really, we are. People should not be having this much enjoyment in their life like we are. We are having fun, major fun so with the new year, here are my resolutions...

1. Finish the 8K that we signed up for with our friends. We're going to do the 8K Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago so we would like to train and complete it.
2. Continue to have as much fun as we are having now! Enjoy life!
3. Save at least $8K for home repairs.
4. Hit Yosemite this Spring and not get eaten by a bear.
5. Hit goal weight, which is 155.

The new lifestyle is working out. I'm down 9lbs. It's rocking and I'm looking great as you can see :) Yup, it feels good to have a structured plan again. This is what I have been missing for a long time. Chris just found out that he is getting transfer to the office that is 10 minutes from our house and it's a promotion so life is AMAZING right now!