Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nice Saturday...

It's been nice to relax today. We haven't been able to do that in about two weeks. I ended up going to my weight watchers meeting this morning and then came home and just chilled for a bit. I then got some motivation to clean the kitchen up, mop the floors, and wipe off the woodwork with some murphy's oil soap. It looks terrific. We then went out and ran our errands. We managed to walk out of Costco only spending $30, went to Big Lots armed with a 20% coupon and bought a few things, headed out to dinner at the Thai restaurant, and then hit Meijer Outlet again because I had to return a crockpot that I bought (Amazon rated it a 1 star so I didn't want to fool with it and we got the cats a remote controlled mouse that didn't work). While I was there, I spotted a body fat analayzer for $5! I looked it up on Amazon and it usually goes for $32. Awesome!

My current body fat is 28%. My weight drum roll {please} is 182.2 this week so I lost two pounds! I knew that last week was a temporary gain :) those things happen but I definetly didn't let it discourage me. I'm not going to let a gain mess me up. The WW meeting was interesting today. Several members discussed their frustration with adding in excercise and gaining. It happens, really! Just expect that when you work out, it's not like the biggest loser where you will lose a ton the first week. My reality was that it stalled the scale going down but the inches were coming off. So if you're in that boat, be sure to measure.

We went to our weekly dinner out and hit a Thai restaurant. It's fairly good and their Tom Yum soup is super. Their chicken pad thai is good but it needed some more spice so I asked for some more chili sauce to spice it up. I was really craving some Indian food but to tell you the truth, I'm afraid to go there because everything is so unhealthy (but it's so yummy). Making healthy choices there would be difficult. The Tikka Masala usually runs in the 20+ grams of fat per serving and I just don't want to do that. I've just got to make some at home because I have some Trader Joes Masala sauce.

We're going out tonight to celebrate a co-workers birthday. We're going to hit a bar that I haven't been to. It's Billy's Lounge. It looks awesome and I'm looking forward to hanging out with her and her clan. It's always a good time. Chris will be happen since the place offers some microbrews from some of his favorite Michigan breweries. I will probably drink off of his or have a drink. I prefer craft brews to mixed drinks but I usually don't drink. I just like to eat the calories :) nor am I light beer lover so those brews usually have a lot of points. Enjoy your Saturday all and have fun! Kellie


Anonymous said...

I love TJ's Masala sauce. The Korba and Curry ones are good too.

Congrats on your two pound loss!


mel said...

Great job on the two pounds!!! Sounds like you had a good weekend.