Sunday, January 04, 2009

The F-Bomb, really?

I was a witness to some bad gym behavior today that wasn't too cool. I was just telling Chris that I've never seen any bad behavior at the gym because Chris mentioned a friend had a ruin in with someone. I'm there using the freemotion machines and someone actually dropped the F-bomb and started to scream at a regular at the gym. Apparently, the regular went back to wipe off the machine and then a woman thought that she was going to jump on it and started to cuss at her. Wow, unbelievable, really. The women were both in their 40-50s too. Really, what a shame because this is not how the gym is. The thing is that you can actually feel the tension around the place though. The atmosphere has changed because it's busier, people are doing odd things that tick off the regulars like removing the spray bottle to spray off the machines (instead of taking the bottle, wetting the towel to wipe off the machine this is my pet peeve), not wiping off the machine when you have completely sweat over it, running in the walking lanes/walking in the running lanes, bumping into people, machine hogging where people are not finishing up sets in a respectful manner, etc. We were all newbies once so we can't forget about that but I can't wait until things slow down because it happens all the time. Heck, Chris and I were doing this two years in a row until we finally committed back in September. It's nice to know that we established the good patterns then so we got a good grove figured out.

The cool things about going regularly to the gym is that you get to notice the little things that motivate change in yourself. There is this one woman who started the other weightloss class the same time we did and she is looking great. About a month ago I went over to her and told her how great she was looking and found out that she lost 35 pounds. Every time I see her I smile and say "hi". Another neat thing is that you learn new tricks. I saw a woman doing a cool move with the weights so I went up to her yesterday and asked how I could modify it to my fitness level and she was more than happy to help me out. Another place that I saw change was Weight Watchers. I hadn't been back to my regular Weight Watchers meeting since last March when I fell off the wagon. Two of the ladies that started last year were at their goal weight so it was terrific to see how much weight they lost. That's motivating because I can get there if I want. I feel that losing the weight is the easy process because you know what to do to lose it. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is much more challenging because you are there at your goal but how do you keep it healthy. I'm hoping that the changes that I'm making now will help me later.

Oh, that dinner on Saturday was awesome! had the gift certificate super cheap so we checked the place out. If you are from the Detroit area (or visited) the Mediterranean food was excellent in Dearborn. The owners of the restaurant came from Dearborn and the food was the best I've had in years. The only thing that would make this place better if they baked their own pita bread. The chicken was tender and moist and as much I planned on avoiding the garlic sauce, I did end up having some and they had it perfect. I think we will be regulars. The cool thing about Mediterranean food is that it is super healthy for you. This week it's my turn to pick so we may have to go back again!

Chris got after me a little about blogging. We never openly discuss the blog nor has he ever read it. He was like "why on earth do people blog and put things out there?". Humm, that's a good question. I started my journaling process almost 10 years ago and it's just been part of me. It captures who I am at that point in my life. When I started this process, I was 23, not married, not comfortable in my own skin, broke, in graduate school, in a miserable relationship, etc. Now, I'm 33, happily married, I'm pretty positive, have a cool home, great job, two of the most loving cats whom I adore, and I like who I am. The thing about blogging is that I never put out stuff that I'm not comfortable in sharing with my own worst "enemies". People stumble onto your blogs that know you or knew you so I don't put anything out there that I wouldn't be comfortable in sharing with others. I notice that when I blog more, I'm more accountable. Sometimes I like to look back at the pictures of myself and find it motivating. Any little help is good when you are trying to be healthy and you have a goal in mind. Take care all-Kellie

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