Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yeah, out at 11:00!!!

I was done with jury duty at 11 am! Chris was nice and offered to drop me off at the courthouse so I left my car down at the YMCA where I work out. We get there and the court woman talked for 20 minutes straight about procedures. Then we listened to the judge telling us how important it was to be on a jury, etc. After that, they picked 50 randow jurors and took them upstairs for the selection. We waited another hour then they pulled another 50 people for selection. At 11 am, the woman came back down and told us that we are relieved from our duties all week so that was jury duty for me. I planned on taking the bus back to my car but after thinking about the 10 minute wait for it, I walked back from the court house to the Y. It was good to get in some exercise. The old me would have waited in the cold for the bus. Instead of going back to work, I decided to take the rest of the day off. I had not appointments anyways so it worked out nicely. I've done absolutely nothing today except watch the inauguration. Which was awesome to see.

We're on day two for the morning work outs and so far so good. It's an awesome feeling at night to get into my car for my hour long to commute to just come home. We were getting home so late especially in the last month, that I appreciate the extra time that we have. The mornings are definitely more interesting that the night. There are some hard core athletes there so that's inspiring to see. There's also your typical strange folks. I still question if people look at what they are wearing prior to working out. I've seen several women poured into tight sports bras and spandex (bare bellies showing). Yikes, how about a T-shirt to cover up a bit? Skin is not in...really, even if you have a rock hard body, honey, cover up. The wife beater t-shirts that the men wear also irk me. Humm, same thing, how about a shirt. I don't need to see your pits sweating all over. Cover up please.

The body bugg is interesting. I'm not too sure about it yet. I've found their website to be lacking but I like to see the calories that I have burned and the steps. Today, I'm at 10000 steps already and I've burned 1900 calories so far. During a typical day I burn about 2600. I'm not inputting my food because their website is lacking a lot of the foods and then you have to manually put it in and that's a total pain. I also don't like the fact that it will not allow you to input calories from working out when you are not wearing the bugg. For instance, I went swimming on Sunday and I couldn't even put my calories in. I knew that I burned about 400 because I wore my heart rate monitor but I just can't log it into the site.

I picked out a new weightloss outfit. Sorry for the crappy pics. I love our digital SLR camera but sometimes it's too advanced! The jeans were a good idea but I actually can wear them now. So I decided to pour my butt into the below outfit. They are a sized 12 pair of shorts made by Royal Robins (usually this company runs a little big so it might be closer to a 14). Right now, it's not a pretty sight but come summer, it's going to look better. So for your amusement, here they are!

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Anonymous said...

You are looking great! I really need to get off my but and start exercising more.


mel said...

Sounds like jury duty wasn't too terrible :)!!! Cute outfit. I think having an outfit as motivation is great. I have my all time favorite pair of jeans from college as my motivation. I got into them once before so I know I can again and stay there!!! Have a good day!