Thursday, January 01, 2009

Am I the only one who likes making resolutions?

As crazy as it sounds, I like making resolutions. There is something about the new year that makes you feel like you are getting a fresh start in life again. Don't we all need that at certain points in our life?
So here are mine: 1. Take another Move it to Lose It course in the spring. Keep on getting in shape so that when I get pregnant I will be a healthy mom. 2. Make it to Colorado or Utah for a back packing trip 3. Balance healthy work hours so that we have family time 4. Have a spending freeze so we can have major $$$ in our savings 5. Replace the remaining windows in our home, thin some of the trees in the back yard so we can have a pergola on our hill (that is a picture of a possible one at Costco. 6. Maybe getting established in a church. 7. Reconnecting with old friends/Making new friends.

When you set goals, it's always good to look at the barriers. So here's the barriers to the above goals 1. None, I am going to be healthy. We've really changed our lifestyle for the better. We both look forward to going to the YMCA. 2. No foreseen barrier except that we might find another state to do the trip in. Regardless, we are going to take a major backpacking trip. 3. Anything can happen with work. I just have to keep a good balance there. I hate major late nights and need to keep them to a minimum. 4. One barrier, Meijer Outlet and Costco. Those stores tend to be my weakness. I should avoid those places for a while until I can curb my impulsive good deal shopping. 5. One barrier, money! Saving can help. 6. Chris and I are both on the fence about this one. We want to do it but it's somewhat anxiety provoking. We have faith but tend to shy away from the organized religion. I had great memories of the church as a young child/teenager but once adulthood hit, I recognized the back biting/petty behavior of others. Maybe a more open mind. There's two churches that we're going to check out in the coming months but we're still kind of wounded from the past. The idea of going back is that I think it's important to raise a child in a church atmosphere but we're more on the liberal side so we're not too sure what to do. I was raised Methodist. We like the Methodist Church downtown and there's a more radical liberal church in town too, so we just got to commit to getting our butts out of bed on a Sunday. 7. Time/fear is a major barrier. There's a few woman I've met this year that I would like to get to know better but it's difficult for me. Time is one barrier because it seems like I'm only available on the weekend. My shyness/being guarded is another. In my work, establishing relationships with clients, I can do rather quickly but in my own life, well, I'm closed almost completely. People burn me out because I tend to pick unhealthy relationships. I hate dealing with back biting, insecure people who have the need to tear down others. I'm a good friend but when someone violates trust, I'm done, I have no place in my life for them. Connecting with old friends is another. I need to make it down to KY to see Teresa some time. It's been over a year and a half. That sucks! I would love to see a few other friends from graduate school that I reconnected with on Facebook. Plus seeing our friends Ron and Jodi. We ended up going to their New Years Eve party and it was so good to see them again. The last time we saw them was a year ago. They are such good people who are sincere, honest, and giving. They would give you the shirt off their back and to neglect that relationship like we have, has been sad. We've got to do better.

So those are my what are yours? Where do you want to be in a year?

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