Monday, January 19, 2009

Jury Duty...

Chris is so excited that I have jury duty tomorrow. They actually pulled me in for the pool! I'm less than thrilled because the way that the county has it set up. I have to park just outside of the downtown area to ride a bus to the court house. The last time I road a city bus was in the 1980s when my parents took me down to Detroit for an event on the plaza when the people mover made it's debut (there was a whole event celebrating that). I think I would be okay if I could park right across the street but nope, that's not an option.

We switched from working out at nights to the mornings now. Wow, it actually takes a lot of prepwork but we did it. We packed all of stuff last night and rolled out of the house about 5:40 am. The kitties looked at us as if they said "WTF mom and dad, why are you up so early?" I'm so proud of Chris getting up so early. He's not a morning person (typically he doesn't even turn on a light in the morning until he has to). We got in a whole workout and settled in to having breakfast with each other at the Y. Now hopefully, it will flow that smoothly in the future. It feels great to come home after work because typically we were pulling into the drive at 7:30/8:00. Now lets see if this becomes a habit.

PS...Anji- I'll shoot you an email about Canada...would love to see you! We're about 3-4 hours from Sue Sault Marie (I think) so we definitely could do that or more. It sucks that they are making us get passports into Canada. We were thinking about getting a passport anyways because Chris is talking about wanting to go to Europe this summer instead of Colorado.

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mel said...

Hi! Thanks for giving me your blogspot address on Weight Watchers yesterday. Oh and about jury husband has been called three times and gets so excited about it. I tell him that it doesn't sound very exciting, even though I love to watch court shows. I have yet to be called. Hope you at least get to see something that is interesting.