Sunday, January 11, 2009

He kicked our butts!

OMG, so the class has been over for 2 months now and being a part of the class we had one freebie personal training session. I decided last week that maybe it would be a good idea to hook up with Ryan again for some training. We scheduled it for yesterday and we got a killer work out especially core work. He's a kind person with a brutal workout. First up, he had us use the kettle ball and balance ball. We used our legs to swing up the kettle ball between our legs while the other exercises was just to sit on the balance ball with your knees to stabilize. We did 3 of those rounds. Those kettle balls are amazing. Then we used the bosu, freeweights, and a few free motion machines. All I can say is "Wow, this was an amazing workout". We have some new ideas to add into our routine. The most challenging for myself is that he had us on that ab standing up machine and we were to hold our legs up as long as we could. I lasted maybe 15 seconds so I'm going to challenge myself to work on that station in the future. After the session, I was like "aren't you glad we did this?" to Chris and he noted "At first I thought you were crazy to schedule so early with Ryan because I thought it was too soon but now I am glad you did because I really need to work on my core". We get an extra pay check at the end of the month so after thinking about Anji's suggestion, I think we are going to purchase 6 sessions from him until the graduate class starts in March. It's worth every penny and it's cheaper for two people instead of one.

After the gym, we had our one time a week eating out experience. We haven't been to this place since the summer and we missed it a ton. Usually we go there for breakfast but we opted for a lunch. It's a quaint little mom and pop place. The chefs/owner was originally at a five star restaurant in Grand Rapids but left and opened this place. It's located in the NW part of Grand Rapids and it is called The West Sider Cafe. Their menu changes up and the specials always change but they offer some killer Polish Food. We opted for a Polish Combination plate that had some rye bread, perogies, stuffed cabbage, sauerkraut, and a few pieces of Kielbasa. What a meal! When we go out we enjoy ourselves. I'm accountant able because I track the calories/points but I'm getting what I like instead of what is a more healthier choice. Funny thing is that yesterday at Weight Watchers we got the materials on dinning out. We didn't talk about it in the class but I read over the book and it noted "Don't cut eating out totally out of your plan. Just make sure you make wiser choices. The average person eats out 5.8 a week". I was one of those 5.8 times a week people. For the most part, I ate healthier options but I wasn't satisfied from the experiences because it was the norm. Now we are super picky on where we eat because that's all we have. Gone are the Qdoba Tuesdays and the Saturday meal at Noodles & Company, it's really not worth it for us and I know we can stick to this ideology.

We were wiped out yesterday when we got home. Totally lazy all day long. We were supposed to run errands but with the crappy weather we vegged out, which is good because we never do this, I'm always doing something in the house. We decided it was a pizza night so we made our own pizza. My favorite crust is the Jiffy Brand crust. You can find this at Meijer for 55 cents. It makes the best crust ever. We put our favorite toppings on it and it's better than any take out meal. Funny thing is that we had everything but the cheese. Luckily, we had some cheese sticks so Chris grated up the sticks and we sprinkled it on the pizza and it worked beautifully as you can see. I love pizza night!

Drum roll {please} I lost another .4 pounds so I'm down to 184.4...nice! I'm taking it nice and slow like usual but the pounds are coming off. I'm still eating between 1500-1700 calories per day. The workouts usually burn between 600 during cardio days (45 minutes) and 800 for strength/45 minute cardio days. I love it that the weight watchers scales measure in .2 increments so I see more progress that "just a pound".

I need to get my butt in gear today though. We have some errands to run, Christmas stuff should come down, and we got the gym later. Weekends go by so quick! Take care all-Kellie

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