Friday, January 30, 2009

Darn that Meijer Outlet!

I am a weak human being when I walk into Meijer Outlet. Meijer is a chain of grocery stores in the Midwest and they happen to be headquartered in Grand Rapids. They have one outlet store where they side their overstocks and clearanced merchandise. It's an amazing store. Items usually range from 40-90% off. I got out of work today at 4:00 so I decided to stop by. There in front of my eyes was a Keurig Coffee maker. That shopping impulsivity kicked in and I wanted it. My in-laws have one of these things and I love it. So I grabbed the box and headed straight to a manager and attempted to ask for a discount. I tried but nope, they declined and showed me how much the item retailed for well, I was okay then I called Chris and after discussing the pros/cons of getting it. Well, I bought it. Darn me...I've got to stop this impulsive shopping. Yes, I will use it but did I need it? Well, not exactly but it will be nice to have when we go to the gym and have a nice cup of joe in our mugs! I'm just shaking my head right now. It was a great deal but urgh...take care all-Kellie


Howard said...

Not to sound flip, but life really is short and if this brings you joy then enjoy it and don't feel guilty!


anji said...

That's why you have your spending money fund, so you don't have to feel guilty! It just means you don't buy something for two weeks, if you go over the weekly limit! :)

Your cat is pudgy! hehe

Kellie said...

Yup she is! We overfeed her and now we are having to out baby girl on a diet :( We're bad kitty parents but we didn't know!