Saturday, January 03, 2009

Saturday weigh in results!

Drum roll {please} I lost .4 pounds this week. So I am down to 184.8 pounds according to the weight watchers scale! For it being a holiday week, I handled myself pretty darn good. At the New Years party, I stayed away from the food and alcohol for the most part. I had a few shrimp and cheez it's but it's no where near what I would have eaten if I wasn't watching my weight.

I'm in the 24 point range of eating and I ate all my flex points plus 25 of my activity points. After looking at my journal, I actually earned 36 activity points last week (not the 34 I posted below). I chatted with the secretaries (leader was busy) and as long as I am "under the direction of a trainer and my doctor knows about it" (typical WW CYA) I can earn above the 28 points but I was told not to over do it though.

In the meeting, they discussed habits of success. It got me thinking, "Why haven't I been a lifer yet?" I know the program in and out but never made it to goal weight. Thinking about that, made me ask "Why haven't I?". Here's my thoughts. I never incorporated the exercise before. Yes, I was going to Curves but I didn't switch it up ever. I loved my Curves experience and it helped me lose the weight initially but the focus was on Cardio and not really incorporating strength. Another issue is the lack of planning so I'm on it. I'm too busy not be be organized so I always need to be in a planing mode like "What days are you going to the gym?" "What days are strength?" "What's a good crockpot meal?". Finally, not being as patient as I should be. I'm patient now, really. I ran into Carly my trainer and she noted that I'm so realistic when it comes to my goals. I really set my self up for success and not focus on the number of what I weigh. What I do is that I set my mind on how many workouts I'm going to get that week and the healthy habits fall into place naturally.

I love Saturdays. It's our errand day today so we're going to hit Costco and I have a list! We always love to have the pomengrate juice in the house, spinach, apples (or oranges depending on Chris's mood), Odwalla Mango Tango, pecans, and some feta cheese. The only potential impluse buy today is that I'm having a taste for some stuffed grape leaves so I might spring for some of those. Our dinner out tonight is going to be at a Mediterrean place. I got a coupon at that is $25 off for $2. Hopefully, they will have some good food because I'm craving some good chicken shawarma and hummus. I'm going to lay off the garlic sauce because I have no clue on what's in there. Last week, we were disappointed about our eating out place so hopefully this one will offer some good food.

I also need to get organized tomorrow. My house is a disaster. Since I am on oncall, I think I'm going to attack my closets and get out the clothes that I don't need anymore. I have so many items that I just don't wear that need to go. The Christmas stuff needs to come down, too. Humm, busy weekend!

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Have a fun dinner! Reading your entries always lifts my spirits.