Thursday, January 15, 2009

Got the bodybugg...

I just got my bodybugg the other day and I'm not too sure if I like it. It was a real pain in the bottom to get set up because of the java function. I finally figured it out yesterday and I began to wear it last night. They want you to basically wear it for 23 hours a day to get a proper read. Today, I burned about 2291 calories and consumed about 1552 calories. Which is interesting because I remember seeing that in an average day, I need about 1452 calories to sustain my weight. At this point, I think that I wasted money on this product because I already have a heart rate monitor. I'll give it a chance to see if it works though.

It's super cold here. It's that type of cold where it freezes your nostrils when you step out in the air. Days like this remind me of my freshman year of college when I went to Central Michigan. It was in late January/early February where they shut the university down for 2 days because of the cold. I remember being on a fitness kick at that time and I walked from the freshman dorm to the SAC (Stundent Activities Center) which was about .75 mile only to find out that the center was closed. If only I would have stayed on that fitness kick!

The gym has been packed lately. Chris is getting so irritated about it so it looks like we may be moving to mornings for a while. Logistically, we'll have to figure this one out because there is a lot of prep work that goes into working out in the morning (showering, eating, organizing for the day, etc.). So we need to talk out how we are going to do this on the weekend. I purchased us 6 buddy training sessions with Ryan (our trainer) until the next Move It To Lose It class starts in mid-March. He kicked our butt last weekend so I'm expecting the same on Saturday when we have a training session with him.

I went out with my Curves friends on Wednesday night. It was great to see them. We wanted to get together before two of them left for Florida (lucky them!). I'm way too proud of myself because it was the first time I controlled myself at my favorite burrito joint. I thought ahead this time and looked at the menu. Instead of getting a burrito, loaded with meat, cheese, and sauce and a margarita. I opted for some fajitas minus the shells and water (I'd rather eat my calories than drink it). Nice! While we were at the restaurant, one of my friends told us how her work just recently let go of 450 co-workers. She noted that it was super stressful last week and she is happy to be working. She said that no one had a clue because the company has been doing extremely well so the cutbacks were puzzling. She said she spent the whole afternoon in shock, just waiting for her box. Luckily, it didn't arrive. That totally stinks. Hopefully this economy will turn around soon. Well that's it for me tonight, take care all-Kellie

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