Saturday, June 20, 2020

Woot woot!

I’m officially the smallest I have been in months.  I got an IUD back in the fall and since then, I noticed the weight was creeping up slowly.  The plan is awesome so far, I feel full and zero leg cramps.  Typically my legs will cramp up when I attempt to lose weight but not this time.  So win win!  Last night I chilled with my friend at her place.  We typically hook up once a week to visit.  We used to have drinks but she had a tall glass of ice water waiting for me yesterday.  She’s lost 80 pounds so she knows how it goes.  She’s super excited too that the gyms are opening up here in Michigan next Thursday.  I’m still doing my zoom workouts until they don’t offer them.  I’ve been Uber protective of Chris as he has diabetes and severe asthma.  Last spring I almost lost him
from double lung pneumonia. He passed out in Detroit when we were at the state championship for Ian’s pinewood derby.  All I have to say is that was scary as hell so he’s only been out a few times during the past 3.5 months.  He’s supposed to be in the office possibly in July as the hospital has kept their IT department home.

I bought my first miniskirt.  It’s a Good American skirt sz 16 and Madewell XXL shirt. It’s adorable!

We are heading north later for Fathers Day.  We are staying with my sister and brother in law.  His dad is dying of cancer so they went to see him this morning.  It’s sad.  He worked his whole life and right after his retirement he found out.  They are trying to maximize their time with him.  Chris’s parents are in Detroit like usual.  His parents are enmeshed with his sister so nothing new there.  We had a fallout with his sister at Christmas two years ago so I have no time for her.  It was over us inviting our best friend over for Christmas Eve night and dinner.  They had a meltdown and berated us for hours.  Chris sat silent and I was direct with all his sister and her family.  It was bound to happen, it was building for years.  I door shut so I have zero room in my life for bullshit or fakeness. 


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