Wednesday, June 03, 2020

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June 3, 2020

Trying to keep my focus today.  I've learned that I cannot bounce between school and work very well at home.  Chris is in IT as a DBA at the local hospital and he's in his glory.  He is hoping that he doesn't need to go into the office ever again! He is a true introvert.  Me on the other hand...I've always viewed myself as an introvert...oh, hell no.  I just need my battery recharged when I've been around too many others.  Lately, I've been walking our neighborhood with a friend, then social distancing visits with other friends, and patio sessions with my bestie on the weekend.  Last weekend my bestie and I went up to Grand Rapids to help clean up the riot mess.  I drove by the old house there and it looks terrific.  It was therapeutic as I haven't seen it since 2016.  I love my current old home and it's been the best choice we have made.  Our son gets the Kalamazoo Promise, Chris moved into IT at the local hospital, and I'm happy to be in an old home with soul.

Only one more week of school until I can pack up my office for the school year.  The sad thing about this year was COVID and the lack of closure with the students.  They will be doing pick up for the students next Wednesday.  We picked up our son's items from school yesterday in a large school trash bag.  The teachers were able to give waves in the car to him.  This totally stinks.  I'm sad for so many things as remote learning was a challenge.  I was tied up doing socio-emotional learning.  His schedule got confusing as all heck.  

Day 2 of the structured eating plan.  I met with a dietitian on Monday.  I needed a change.  I'm at my highest ever.  I've been doing Boot Camp for 3 years so my measurements are better than in the past but still, I got sick of just getting bigger since last summer.  I got an IUD in last fall and since then my weight continues to inch up.  I started tracking my calories back in May but despite eating between 1300-1500, I was gaining.  That was so irritating.  They are putting me on a structured eating plan.  I started on Tuesday and so far so good.  I excel at structured eating plans except when we socialize so I'll need to work on that.  I am going to maximize on this time of limited socialization.  We have been talking walks in the local nature preserves to get some movement because we have a mini trip planned next week, as we are hitting a park in Indiana to hike and stay in their lodge.  We need to get away as we were supposed to be on a plane to visit Europe.  We were going to do 3 weeks in Italy and France.  We had some major fun planned.  Maybe next year?  It was going to be a trip of a lifetime.  It was going to be our family and Chris's best friend Karen.  So here's to things calming down.  241/237/170


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