Monday, June 22, 2020

Almost 10 pounds down...

June 22, 2020

Woot woot, down a total of 10 pounds almost!  I am loving this program.  I was able to push through some pressure of not eating cake this past weekend for Fathers Day.  Proud of myself for not eating it or drinking one of my brother in laws tasty dirty martini's.  We headed north to see my folks and stayed the night with my sister.  We met up at a park, had a picnic, and then my sister and I sat with my mom on her back porch while Chris and the guys went fishing at the local dam.  A good time was had by all!

I swear, IUD's are the biggest pain in the bottom.  I've been spotting for 7 days now.  It's so irritating plus the hormones.  It's like "oh my goodness".  I'm so sensitive today.  I hate it.  I also notice that a week prior to spotting, I retained water horribly.  I miss the days where my cycle was a short 4 days and in/out as this is the total pits.  I'm wondering if I will have my full blown period or is this the new norm now.  Grrrr….hopefully this will stop soon as this is the total pits.

It was a quiet day today.  I slowly attacked our room and put things away.  I'm going to work about an hour a day to get things done.   I've had 3 months and I've been totally unmotivated.  Ian got his haircut today at Sport Clips and it is looking quite awesome.  I am super impressed how the stylist cut his hair.  He is really looking good!


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