Tuesday, June 30, 2020


June 30, 2020

I used some heavy distract skills today.  Governor announced the plans for the fall.  Currently, Kalamazoo is in the phase 4 section of Michigan yet Grand Rapids is in the phase 3.  If we continue in phase 3 in Kalamazoo, we can return to school as normal.  It will be interesting how it plays out as with everything in life, I'm not too sure where I will be.  It's slightly nerve racking but I will see how it will play out.  My friend is going to quiz me on the way up to GR on Thursday as she's a hiring manager at the hospital so it will be great practice.  I'm bailing on lunch with a friend as I don't want to be in GR twice that day.  We are figuring out when I can have lunch with them again.  Maybe the week of the 13th? I haven't seen them since Ian's birthday back in March but it's good.  I kind of got sick of the crap they were giving me back in December so space is good.  We co hosted a huge Christmas party that had about 50 people and the next weekend after our party, that had another one but smaller and didn't invite us because well....I was struggling at Christmas time.  I always struggle at Christmas. Argh...

Today I'm in an Ann Taylor Loft sz 16 curvy pants and a XL Lauren Conrad shirt. Found both at Goodwill. I love thrifting.  I am really digging Ann Taylor Loft.  I've recently discovered their clothing after a phenomenal $8 sale per top and $12 per dress.  Picked up a few items. Scent of my day is Vanilla Anise by Jo Malone.  I'm obsessed with Jo Malone.  Mercari is helping me pick up some instead of paying full price.  I need to stop but I love this distinctive scents.

Eating is kicking ass.  I am doing better than I ever had.  Why did I not try this years ago is beyond me? I'm at the lowest I have been in months.  241/228/170  

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