Saturday, June 13, 2020

June 13, 2020

This year did not end the school year with the usual amount of closure.  It's always so rewarding to give those

 last goodbye's for the school year but yesterday wasn't like that at all. That's okay, it is what it have no idea how the fall will flow.  I have no clue on what to expect at all.  There's three choices Michigan and I have no idea how two of them will be sustainable.  

We went to a drive in movie last night and it was rewarding.  Trying to get the kid out of the house was like pulling nails.  We got to the park where they were showing the movie and they greeted us with popcorn and had us park in the soccer field.  From there we travelled out and got some time down at the lake and played some baseball for about an hour.  The kid loves baseball and seeing how he has improved since the winter workshop is exciting.  We joked about him playing for the local high school when he got older and he loved that idea.  We sat and watched the movie then joked on how corny it was.  Every time it broke out in song, we busted out laughing.  Tonight we are heading to another drive in movie to watch The Lion King where our local baseball team plays.  We figured for $30, why not? We will see how this goes.

I got to spend some time with a friend and we did some shopping together.  It was great to be back in a store.  I was impressed with how they did the temperature checks and informed us on how to shop.  I picked up a few things for 30% so I'm going to see if they will work.  It's worth a try at 30%.

We are leaving for Indiana next week.  Looking forward to it.  We are leaving when we were supposed to be on a plane to Rome...yeah...missing out on our 2.5 Italy and France trip totally blows.  Maybe eventually...but man, that would have been awesome!  Maybe next year on in 2022.


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