Thursday, June 18, 2020


We just got back today from Turkey Run in Marshall, Indiana.  I have to say it was an amazing trip. We were able to do about 6 miles on the trail there.  If it wasn’t for my Boot Camp, I’m sure I would’ve been toast. Bear crawls are never my favorite when we have to do them and I typically balk But I was able to maneuver around with no issues. After all of that hiking, I wasn’t even sore today. This is a huge gain for me!  All that dedication for the past three years have paid off. Chris and I originally went when we were first married. Somehow I blocked the memory of the trails, and just remembered him falling down a ravine and the hotel itself.  The kids really enjoyed it too. Chris noted that it brought back family memories of when his parents brought him there as a child. It’s a must go back to place.  It’s only a four hour trip down there from Kalamazoo so it’s easily accessible. I did well at food logging the whole time.   Though,  I’m not too sure how much I weigh today.  We will see tomorrow at weigh in!  Originally we were going to pack and food and I was going to cook on the air fryer but we decided to just eat at the lodge for the convenience. I made great choices and counted everything. I even contained myself around gummy bears from when we stopped at the Albanese factory outlet.

I’m still dragging my feet on my resume and plan on getting that done next week. I just needed to take a step back from it because I hate doing resumes.  I’ve been doing some junking at the beginning of the week and found some more treasures. It’s amazing what I’ve been finding antique wise in I’ll be able to have my she shed mastered soon. I’m going to put an antique table out there and have some other items in there. It has electricity so I am completely hooked up.  I also found some stuff to restore such as a record table and a wicker chair. It’s such a blast finding treasures for myself and others. I found a light for a friend and a chest for another friend. I also found a retro Christmas tree for another friend. To see the joy on their faces is such a delight!  

Below is my first goal outfit.  It's a pair of sz 34 Paige Jeans and a size XL on the top that I picked up cheap from Nordstrom.  I'm hoping to fit into this prior to a party in August that I'm going to with Chris.  We are seeing some friends that I haven't seen since January.  Miss them and it would be awesome to be a tad slimmer.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are back blogging. I've read for years and am in the same boat eventually creeping back to my highest weight. Hopefully we can lose together.