Friday, March 31, 2017

Day 12 out of....

Wow, this Fit Body Bootcamp is amazing.  I cannot believe the results that I am getting from doing their program and incorporating #thewhole30 in the program.  I'm on day 12.  I have to weigh in for the challenge portion of the Fit Body and last week I was down 7lbs...yes, that is 7lbs in one week!  I have no idea of how much I weigh right now but I'm feeling terrific.  I have never, ever, ever had results like this and I'm eating real food which I love to cook.  My favorite meal so far has been the chicken-shawarma.  It takes a marinating time so I marinated the chicken for 24 hours.  By far it was the best tasting chicken ever plus it fits with the program.  The leftovers even tasted delicious!  The second favorite is the homemade spaghetti sauce with roasted spaghetti sauce. I tried using zucchini noodles but I wasn't impressed.

The beautiful thing about being a school social worker is that I get spring break off.  I'm so excited and this was a well deserved break.  Paperwork is done and I have nothing to do except look at a behavior plan while I am out.  I have to say, I have the best gig ever.  I feel so fortunate to be at the school.  This past week, I got to visit some fellow social workers who I clinically supervise in Detroit.  It was neat to visit them in person as I've been Skyping with them since the fall.  I'm just in a great place now compared to where I was 4 years ago.  I always think about April's Fool day of 2013 where I gave my notice to my boss who I didn't click well with.  It was the best decision to get out of that situation.  Nine months was way too long for me to work there.  The next job was good but the commute was just long.  Now I have quality time with the kid.  I think over spring break, I'm going to food prep for the next six weeks.  The kid starts T-ball after break which is two nights a week, he's in lacrosse, AYSO soccer, and he's a lion scout so we are going to be non-stop during the week/weekends.  I haven't put a halt on the activities as he loves all of them so we haven't made him choose yet.  We will be running until June so it will be a quick 9 weeks.  Then summer break!  Can't wait!

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