Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fit Body Bootcamp 0

I'm getting back on the band wagon.  My coworkers have been extremely successful with Fit Body Bootcamp.   Fit Body Bootcamp is like Curves but no machines, just weights and some equipment.  It's 30 minutes total so you are in and out. I start on the 20th of March. I've been watching my coworkers lose a ton of weight since August.  One coworker lost 50 pounds and even one who is extremely fit lost 10 plus she is getting ripped.  I've wanted to join but I didn't get my motivation until recently because it was impossible to put this first.  I signed up for the little black dress challenge that is a 28 day program.  Chris and our friend signed to try the place out on a groupon deal so we will see what happens!

The interesting thing about my body, it's clung to about the same weight for the past six years.  I did go down when I got sick with my embolism last year but it went back up slowly,  I packed on a few pounds around Christmas time where I went from 215-222 quickly.  I don't know what happened but I gained quickly.  I started swimming again for about 3 weeks and I grew frustrated about the gain.  I ended up hovering about 225 after that, which totally sucked.  Eating wise...well...been eating out a little too much so I am welcoming the change and the challenge.

Life has been awesome in some areas and a bummer in others.  The bad: we had to put our cat to sleep a few weeks back.  He was slowly getting worse since fall and we found out the week of his death after doing multiple tests that he had cancer.  I loved that cat so much.  I also found out that my uncle is dying of liver cancer so this stuff has weighed heavily on me for the past few months.  The good: the kid is doing well in kindergarten.  We love the school and it was the best choice ever to send him to the school.  He has 12 in his class and the teacher is amazing.  We adore her.  Chris is on the PTO so it's nice to be involved.  We are also keeping busy with sports for the kid.  He's in lacrosse, soccer, tball, and hockey. Luckily the hockey season just ended but lacrosse, soccer, and tball will keep us busy.  He really enjoys doing it and it's entertaining to watch.  Work is awesome.  I love being a school social worker.  It's the best job....EVER...I love my team of coworkers.  They are the best.

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