Saturday, April 22, 2017


We loved Fit Body Boot Camp so much we are no official members.  I'm down a total of 14 pounds for the month, 6" in measurements, and over 3% in body fat.  I work out a total of 5-6 times per week too.  I love the program because it never gets old.  It's 30 minutes and you are out the door.  

In part of doing the Fit Body, I incoporated The Whole 30 plan.  So far, I'm 100% following the plan.  I made it through Easter with no issues.  I can walk through Costco and not stop for samples which is impressive. Woot Woot Woot!  I'm planning on doing the plan until school gets out and then add some foods in.  Here's to the next 30 days!

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