Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's never a good idea to google...

I found this's never really a good idea to google people you used to know. I was curious about the my elementary school friends to see if they were on the net and I found two of them. The two turned out simply amazing. One is an environmental lawyer who graduated at the top of her class at George Washington University. The other is high ranking official at the peace corps. Amazing!

Then I got thinking why in the heck did my parents move me from that school district? I remember them stressing out about how difficult the high school was and how they needed to move out to the country. Funny thing is that my early years of school were challenging at times but wonderful. It was like this little safe haven that was created in a progressive town outside of Detroit. It was idealic where the community raised the child. We had computers in the school in 1980. I learnd math on an Apple Computer. When we moved out to the country in 1986, the schools were "rich" but they lacked what my former schools had. The new country school was rough, the 5th graders were boy crazy and wearing makeup. The 6th grade was even worse. I remember moving into the country school in the middle of 5th grade and it being absolutely painful. I went from a small child to being a very large child in six months. That's when the weight settled in. Looking back, hell, I must have been depressed. Having the house burn down at the end of fourth grade, then moving mid year to a hick school in fifth grade, argh. What really made me think about it is what I want my future to look like. I'm pretty mindful that I don't ever want to move during my child's education. I know it worked very well for the folks but it didn't work as nicely for me emotionally. I never felt like I had a true home after leaving the Detroit area. It wasn't until we bought that house that I felt settled. It also made me think about the school for the future kidos. The school district that I live in is known for having strong elementeries and middle school programs but the high school is rough. Is that the same idea that my parents thought? I cringe at thinking of sending my future offspring to a rough school but looking at my former classmates, well, they did well. Then it got me thinking about my life for a few moments of "wow, look what I've done" (in a blah tone) but then looking at Chris, my home, my cats (yeah my cats) I felt like I did okay. It's funny how googling can make you rethink your life for a few moments and the "what if's"

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