Monday, September 22, 2008

I have the body age of what?

Part of the "move it to lose it" is a body assessment. I got mine done today and there were no real surprising results except, I am out of shape. My body age is 44 and I'm only 33! My flexibility is very poor and I need to strengthen it, cardio needs to be increased, as well as strength. My percentage of body fat is like a big mac...39.2% yikes....not so kind. I have to say that this program is the best program I have ever been a part of. Chris and I are digging it. The program is part of the YMCA and we are hoping that my basic flex will cover the cost of the class but it was well worth the $500 that we are paying. (Anji...I don't have your email so please pass it too me. Miss you!). The insight from the trainers is amazing and so far, it's not boring, and accountability is high. They want us to work out about 4 times per week at a medium intensity level. Chris and I noticed that it is easier to get to the Y when we plan ahead.

The interesting thing that I learned tonight is that I haven't been eating enough. The trainer Carly noted that my 1250 average is too low and she would like to see me increase my daily intake to about 1500-1600. Chris is also running too low so his calories need to increase also. The strange thing about calories, it is actually hard to increase them in a healthy manner. I can increase them in a not so positive way but to do it in a healthy manner is hard. I'll work on that.

Things are going well here. The fall is my favorite time of year. I'm planning a surprise getaway for Chris and I so I'm looking forward to that. Eating wise, we definitely need to think about making healthy options because there are some major temptations were we are going. I'm hoping that the activity level will offset it. We just need to think smart. I can do that!

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Anonymous said...

How can they say your overweight, need to lose weight but add more calories? I don't think this will help. Maybe you are getting more than 1250 somehow? Regardless, congrats on sticking to the program. You look great!