Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Humm, the female body is a puzzling one. I admit to weighing myself everyday but the last two days it's like, huh? Now, I wish I could totally admit to over eating but I haven't but the weight is up plus I feel totally bloated for no reason. I got three more days until weigh in so I'll see how it goes.

Today Chris and I were blessed with two different work compliments. Chris got acknowledgement from his work on having superior customer service. I know the transition from being a pilot to the insurance has been bumpy at times but it was nice to see how happy he was tonight. An acknowledgment can go a long ways. It was quite the honor because this customer personally called Chris's boss to tell him what a good person he was. Isn't that super? How many times do people acknowledge the hard work of someone else? I was also given a kudos from a family. They wrote in to let how much they appreciate me as their worker. I've almost worked there for 9 years and never had that happen so it was like "wow...that is nice". It's nice to see that someone appreciates the work that I do because it is a tough profession.

Biggest Loser is on tonight. I'm gearing up for it. Lets see who will go tonight. I hope the teams will break up soon because they need that variable. I've never watched when they did it as individuals so I wonder how different that was to see with the dynamics on the show.

Chris got an Iphone this past weekend and it is totally awesome. His Ipod took a dump and his cell phone was six years old so he thought it was time to upgrade. And upgrade he did. I'm totally digging on the live strong application on there. I don't need an Iphone but man, I love all the gadgets on it. They even have an application for dining out where it pulls all the nutrition info from the major restaurants. If you go out, you won't be wondering about the calories. Well, Biggest Loser is on, I've got to go!...take care all-Kellie


mel said...

Hi Kellie! Thanks for the encouraging words. You sound like I do. I know we should only weigh once a week but I do every morning. LOL! Maybe the increase in weight is just water. I notice that if I eat stuff with a lot of sodium in it and weigh the next morning my weight tends to be up. You still have a couple of days and I am sure you will do great! Glad to hear you like BL too. I have watched it since the first season. I am ready for them to go back to seasons with singles instead of teams. Maybe they do teams now so that the people on the show have a partner at home to encourage them after they are no longer on the show. I can't believe the black team fell below the line last night.

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anji said...

... if you think so, write me at my private email, chapeski@gmail.com and I can kinda help you figure out things, if you aren't sure... i'm a pro at this, haha