Sunday, February 08, 2009

Great Date Night!

We couldn't figure out where we wanted to go last night for dinner so we asked our trainer Ryan what we should do. It's always good to get someone elses opinion of where to go becase taste's vary. Ryan asked if whe have ever been to Ichiban Grill and we had not so it was a go. We didn't eat lunch so we were ravernous. We thought that we could hit lunch stil when we got there at 3:30 but they didn't open until 4:30. We ran some errands and then came back around 4:45. They asked us if we wanted Chinese Food/Sushi or the Japanese Hibachi, we wanted the Hibachi and they indicated that we had to have reservations. Okay, so we were like do we stay or should we go because we didn't have reservations. After looking at the Chinese menu, I was like, "We're not here for the Chinese" to Chris. He then clarified that we could make a reservation there and we were suited for a 5pm spot. Awesome! So it was very entertaining and good. It was a five course meal for under $50. I took a video on my flip with him cooking so enjoy!

Ryan did kick our bottoms yeterday. Chris and are both sore today. It was a great workout. He's been focusing on our core, legs, and arms. He did quite a few new excercises with us using free weights. We did lunges with weights, used the balance ball with some arm movement, and some other free weight excercises that I will add into my routine in the morning. I've noticed that my arm are looking better too. I'm getting more definition with them so I will be ready for summer.

Here I thought my body fat % was 29, well, it's not. It's worse than that. I'm sitting on a 37.5% body fat rate. I miss read my bmi instead of % of fat so I'm looking at improving this. It's going down slowly though. When I first started the class I was around 40% which is not good. I'm going to keep track of this information because it's really important to have. It's nice to see that percentage go down some but seeing how high it is not good. I'm just happy that I am doing something about it. Today is going to be cleaning day. I'm going to do my general cleaning then attack the upstairs for some organization. It's a pit hole up here so something needs to be done! Have a terrific Sunday all-Kellie

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