Saturday, January 26, 2008

My computer is finally back!

January 26th, 2008

If I have learned something over the past two months, it is to back up! The same time I was posting the last entry, I was browsing my favorite gossip site and it gave my computer a nasty virus that sent me spyware glore so I just got full access back today. Chris had been working on backing up everything so it took forever. I thought I lost some of my pictures but luckily Chris's friend gave him a program that saved the pics so I was relieved.

Lots of stuff has been happening but the most exciting thing is that we adopted two shelter cats. We resuced them from the animal shelter. The weird thing about the animal shelter is that it's located next to the county jail so we sprung out kitties out! Both are around two years old. The male who is a tiger is named Bolton and the other is a female naked Forest (she has Forest Whitakers eyes) but I nick named her "baby gurl". I never would have thought that owning cats was so rewarding. I've really become attached to them so much and I love them so. Aren't they cuties? Chris was being mean with Forest by teasing her with some food. I thought this picture was so funny.

As for weight, the holidays were a tad bit challenging. I hit my recent all time high of 191, which scared the crap out of me. So I started logging my points, that's a new concept! Yeah, it's neen actual years since I have faithfully logged points so I was able to do it for a month already and I'm down four pounds for the month. I finally found a leader who is motivating and staff who don't say a darn word at the weigh in (good or bad) and I'm hooked. I still need to work on the working out thing but I'm averaging about 3x per week. Twice at Curves and then on Fridays, Chris and I play badmiton at the Y. I would ideally like to go back to swimming but the snow ticks me off and the cold so my target date to start back at the pool is March 1st.

In order to set myself up for success, I've been cooking a lot of crock pot meals. I do some menu planning the day before and I plot out my dinner. It's so nice to come home to a cooked meal without asking or hearing, what's for dinner? I've got a few favorites so I'm hooked. Tomorrow I'm cooking a chicken verde in the crockpot so I'm looking forward to that. I got the recipe out of a Betty Crocker Slow Cooker Cookbook that I checked out at the library. I hate boring food so I always try to spice things up a bit. Last week I made a scallop thai soup and it was to die for. Chris rated it a 10 (which is difficult to get) so he keeps on asking when am I going to make it again. The thing about cooking a good meal is that it makes me feel like I'm eating out and that's all I need to keep statisified.

Things are good, life is good but busy so I'm always searching for that balance. I would like to get meet a few people so DH and I are going to start to attend the local methodist church in a few weeks. It's a pretty progressive church and I've downloaded their sermons and it's sounding good. Well, that's it for me. Take care, Kellie

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