Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh, the joys of West Michigan weather...

Please please let it be April soon. I don't think I can put up with anymore snow. We had a bad storm pass through the other night. In 6 hours it went from 47 degrees (it did not feel like it) to 9 (which felt much colder). I know it's personal choice to live in Michigan but I hate cold weather. It was so bad yesterday that my work closed for the first time since 2002. I made up my mind at 6am (actually my mind was made up the night before) that I wasn't going to make the 52 mile commute to work. It would have taken me 2-3 hours to get up there. Luckily, they called it a closure at 8 am. Tonight we're supposed to get slammed again. It's looking like a foot of snow by tomorrow night. Urgh!

Thank goodness Chris and I have good jobs or I would be questioning why we stay here. Well, family keeps us tied here too. I still love Michigan. It's a beautiful place, nice beaches, lots of beautiful landscape, and diversity amongst the state. Unfortunately, we're hit with a nasty recession. Detroit sounds like it's a mess and the jobless rate continues to rise. The only way I would lose my job was if I did something stupid or my agency lost it's contract. Chris works for a strong company who is hiring people left and right. But even then, he has been forced out of a field due to the economy and he's had to go into a career that is not what he went to school for. I ask him periodically if he misses being a pilot but he notes he hasn't but I always worry if he is honest about that. He was passionate about being a pilot since the 5th grade. I never had passion like that. I wanted to be a lawyer when I was younger, then in high school, I wanted to be a speech pathologist. I got to college and after talking to a school rep they noted that my grades wouldn't be high enough for graduate school so I didn't even try. I kind of regret that now. I explored being in business, then a business teacher, and then finally after looking at my piss poor grades, the only thing I did well at was my human behavior class, which I had my one and only A. I thought then "Ah, I get this social work thing. Maybe I should be a social worker" thus my road to being a social worker. Funny thing in high school when I took my ACT, it noted that I was bust suited for being a social worker. At that time, I was like "no way I want to work with people like that"...funny how things change. I love being a social worker...I really do. There's a lot of positive things that come out of doing my job but then there is a lot of sad...lots of sad...lots and lots of sad...that people have had exposure to in their young life. Every once in a while, I cry about my kids that I work with(this is something I don't share with others because I know all of us workers have been there), hoping that things change or life gets better. The thing about being a worker is that you have to accept that you are a farmer. You plant some seeds and you hope they grow, so do, some lie dormant but there is always hope.

I had my dentist appointment today. I have to tell you that I get excited for my dentist. I absolutely love that place and getting out of work early on a Thursday is freaking awesome. I had plans of cooking Chris an elaborate italian meal but I'm going to whip up some crab cakes tonight. I'm kicking butt with WW. I'm losing slowly but steadily and I, Kellie, have logged ALL my points for the past that rocks. Have a terrific day and take care-Kellie


dana said...

Stay warm up there! I live in Louisiana and anything below 60 is cold to me! :) Keep logging those points, I'm right there with you. Have a great weekend!

anji said...

glad to see you're back!

hesslei said...

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