Sunday, June 07, 2009

Nice weekend...

It's the summer time and we are getting busy! Between weekends at the boat on Lake Michigan and visiting with friends and family, we are running. It's a nice running though. I love the summer! Life is good. We're busy every weekend this month. We have a wedding, fathers day celebration, and a mini camping trip. You can't beat that.

Excercise is going good but I have to firm up on the nurtrion. I'll keep plugging away. I'm wearing clothes that I couldn't fit into 3 years ago, which is amazing. Everything is paying off!

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Howard said...

Sounds nice! I am a west coast girl born and raised in northern California, but lived for 3 years in northern Illinois and I always loved how everyone made the most out of summer and didn't take a minute of it for granted. Enjoy!!!