Saturday, April 25, 2009

Everything always works out in the long run...

We were not able to go on the hike this weekend. Bolton got another UTI and we had to cancel because he is on antibotics. Poor kitty! We're going to switch his diet so hopefully that will help. We spent Tuesday night in the vet hospital and that was very interesting. There was one guy who had a beautiful lab that had blockage and he was losing weight because he ate something bad like a tennis ball and the dog was skin and bones because he was not eating. The guy was complaining because he didn't have the money for the procedure. I don't want to know what was going to happen to the dog. There was another couple in their with their cat and they spent about $2K on their cat saving his life because of blockage. Hopefully, we will not have to go that route with Bolton. It's funny that when you know something is going on with your animal. He said to cry again and we're like "oh no" so instead of waiting another day, we just took him in. So no trip. We'll get with them again in the future. There's always another trip.

Drum roll [please]...I'm down to 180 this week! So I'm on a good roll again. I talked with Ryan last week about my ups and downs and he encouraged me to look at my work out again and get that heart rate up. I've been getting on the treadmill the last week at 15 incline walking 2.9. That really gets my heart rate up. Then I did the kettle ball and that is a super workout. Chris noted that he was getting bored with the workouts so he's been following me. Hopefully, he will get out of the funk. I was able to fit into my size 14 shorts which is terrific. I need to get rid of my 16's because they are too big!

We were going to go out to Chris's cousins boat in Holland, off of Lake Michigan but the weather is not looking good today. Chris was going to help Mike put up the sail but with the 40mph wind gusts, they are like no way. I need to find some good support because when I saw our sushi picture on facebook, I thought "oh no I need some new bra's" because I have the tendency to lose weight in my chest first first. I have some gift certificate at Macy's so maybe I will be able to find some there. I really hate Macy's though. I loved Hudson's which turned into Marshall Fields. Macy's tends to be overpriced and carry expensive clothes that don't have the quality that I loved with Hudson's/Marshall Fields. Chris's parents are going to come up and check out the new doors so it will be nice to see them. Then we're off to the Polish Halls because it's halfway to Pulaski Day''s a Grand Rapids thing were all the polish halls are open. I love Polish food! We'll take care all-Kellie

PS. You are so funny stalker! Must you join everything that we do? Come on, now, this is really taking the cake on this one. Sushi? Since when did you like sushi? You're a meat and tators guy. Give it up...stop the stalking. Are you planning on hunting down which group we go backpacking with? Maybe you need to chat with someone about that because it's not nice to stalk people. So why are you still talking to Chris, huh? Show my husband a little more respect than just doing this.


anji said...
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anji said...

after pugsy got fixed, he ALWAYS got blockages. I had to switch him to a low-ash, lower protein, wet vet food. the ash messes up their chemical balance, high protein creates crystals and finally, the wetness allows more hydration which allows the flow of urine more often, which gets whatever crystals DO form, out of there.

Ask your vet which wet food to put him on (they usually make a dry version too)... YES, it IS more expensive because you have to buy it more in "bulk" but - after the switch, I rarely had any blockage problems and it saved thousands in vet bills.

I'm one of those ladies who spent way too much on my cat. but, I loved him too much to NOT try all that i could to save his life. If I had kids, I wouldn't have done it. But, he WAS my kid... and, I would have felt guilty if I didn't do something that would have helped if I could afford it at the time.

I can't remember the name of the cat food but your vet will know.

Opt for both wet and dry (it's expensive) but - it'll last you two or three months maybe.

anji said...

(hey kelly, that deleted comment was me, in case you were wondering! i accidently wrote "hello" and hit publish, which would have been a short entry, hehe)

Maybe you need to make the blog private? I have a few "solutions" for you, to get rid of freaky stalker people. Just email me/message me if you want that....