Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Slowly finding the mojo...

I am slowly finding my mojo back. Darn, that trip to Kalamazoo! It totally threw me off course and it's taken me forever to get back on. I think I used almost every excuse in the book of why I haven't been feeling like exercising. For instance, "Oh, I am working late" or "Chris is sick" or my favorite one is "Oh, my energy is completely gone". Last week, we made it to the gym once but then Saturday we went out Geocaching around Muskegon near the lakeshore. The one thing about living in West Michigan that is wonderful is all the access to the beaches. We found two caches in Muskegon State Park and they were wonderful. The trails were awesome but as I was walking around, I was very aware of how out of shape I have become. It was a sad realization that I could definitely not reframe. It felt good though to be back on the trail. I'm looking forward to being outside this summer. We have the house exactly where it will not need any work so we can focus our energy on maintenance and having fun. We haven't camped in years either so it's definitely a goal this year to grab the tent and do some exploring. Geocaching is awesome. If you have a GPS, there is no excuse on not using it for some fun. The positive thing about caching is that it takes you to some awesome spots that you would never know about. Like this weekend, when we went out to the park, we hike about 1.5 miles and the views were stunning. When we go on vacation, we're always grabbing our GPS to take us to spots. There are several favorite sports that caching has taken me. My number one spot was looking at Sun Island at Glacier National Park in WY. The other was in DC where they had a spot with all of the individuals who signed the Declaration of Independence. We would have never known about it unless we were caching.

I found out last week that my Curves owners is sold the club. I know that things have been tight but I was so sad to hear this. I was happy that they were able to sell without just closing it but I'm so sad that they are not going to be running it anymore. It kept me accountable and now I found out that they are also losing the whole staff because the new owner is bring in her own people. It's ladies will be broken up. We're planning on keeping in touch but I feel it will be like that for a while, then we will part ways. Goes back to my transitional friend theory. I have this theory about friends. People are in your life for a certain time and they exit your life accordingly. I'm very cautious when it comes to friend. My best girl friend is Teresa and she is probably in my life because when I exited her's she did such a good job of keeping in touch with me. Besides that, the only women I feel close to are my curves acquaintances. My coworkers on my team are awesome but I always keep a distance because I'm afraid to blur the lines there. I sometimes wonder why I don't have too many close friends but to tell you the truth, I'm okay with it. People burn me out. I'm very skilled clinician and put 110% into my job and meeting the "client of where they are at" and then to deal with people like that are high mantinence in my personal life? No thank you. That's why I loved the ladies at Curves. They were non-draining positive people and this is a rarity in my life to have people like that in my life. So when I heard the ladies were selling the club, I was sort of crushed. I feel sad about losing part of my support network and I truly hope that they are not a part of my transitional friend theory. There are people that stay in touch, right?

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