Sunday, April 06, 2008

Love this feeling....

I love spring. I truly do. Nothing is better than the sun shinning brightly, a warm breeze, and the feeling that the snow is over. DH and I travelled over to Lansing yesterday and it was amazing. We drove by the campus of Michigan State and people were sprawling on the grass, throwing ball, etc. Seeing that sparked the feeling of winter is finally over and spring is going to be in full force.

Today we get to do some spring cleaning. Our duties today is to rake the remaining leaves on the lawn and do some general clean up. I'm trying to convince Chris to rent us a small dumpster to get ride of some of the yard waste that we didn't focus on last year. Our back yard is pretty funky. We live on an incline and in our back yard we have some flat space but then we have a 12 foot hill with an incline. Future plans for the hill include a Pagoda type structure, a small pond, and some other landscaping. That's a few years out but we still our planning. The most immediate thing we need to do is to get some new windows and insulation. We finally get to start saving some money this money because nothing major is going to be going out. We just put brakes on the jeep so there no big forecasted expensives coming up until vacation. Thanks to the stinking stimulus package, we're going on vacation with that so it's not going to impact the budget. We were going to buy a video camera for the trip but I think we are going to hold off on that until the technology price comes down (Chris wants a sony 60gb HD video camera that is running about $1K at Costco...I say wait on that).

The weight is staying put (which is awesome) and I'm tracking my points for the second day in a row. I've been trying to be more mindful of what I put in my mouth. For instance, yesterday, I could have completely gorged myself. We hit the Michigan Brewing Company and I was very good. Chris tried some brews out and I tasted. Prior to going to the brewig company, we stopped a nice but strange restaurant in Okemos (a small town outside of East Lansing). It was called "The Travelers Club" which was a tuba museum and a restaurant that had food inspired from all over the world. He had a few samples of their brew and I ate a delicious Greek salad instead of picking the Indian meal complete with a mango lassi...

We hit the gym 3 times this week and it was exciting. I think that it's getting darker later in the night, makes it easier. I'm still in a quandry about the curves place so we'll see where that goes. Working out there has been a complete time challenge lately and I don't know if it's going to be any better. Summer will be more flexible on my schedule because I won't have to put up with the after school appointments because everyone will be home. Well that's it for me today because we have a busy day! Take care all-Kellie

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