Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ultrasound Picture

This is the little bean growing inside of me. Nice huh? We are really enjoying this time. Life continues to be great. The pregnancy is going well so far. I had some spotting but that cleared up about two weeks ago. I'm not getting hit with morning sickness really. I will occasionally get hit with nausea but that comes in waves. Two and half more weeks until the second trimester. Can't wait.

I'm going to blog again. I need too, I miss ya Anji and all my old peeps out there (well minus you lurker, no love for're just sad....oh and if you are doing anything illegal towards us, I swear I will sue your ass. I hope your wifey is still not obsessed with having a girl. It's kind of sickening thinking that someone wants to play God over what they are having. Be glad with what you have and what God grants you).

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